Fox-29 TV Discovers Beauty of Brigantine Beach

Brigantine Beach, NJ. finally attracted some positive news coverage this past week. Our island endured 8 months of local TV & Newspaper’s near constant focus on Hurricane Sandy’s affect on Brigantine. That’s why Fox-29 deserves kudos for breaking from the pack, and highlighting the awesomeness of Brigantine Beach. Click thru to watch video of Fox-29 talking with Dennis Allen of Ashore Realty and Sandy Morgan from Mad Dog Morgan’s.

Fox-29 TV spent the day on our family friendly island, situated just across the bridge from Atlantic City. Jen Fredericks from the morning show explored the beauty & fun of our best kept secret along the South Jersey shore. Jen and the on-air crew back at the TV station, were gently reminded of how awesome Brigantine really is.

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3 thoughts on “Fox-29 TV Discovers Beauty of Brigantine Beach”

  1. richard jamgochian

    yes one of the most poorly run city as to budgets, spending and of course my favorite is high property taxes. oh and bad roads. one needs to see our shopping center to apprectice the lack of class. not everything is rosey, the beach and ocean but wake up look at all the sale signs too many to count.

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