Fox Watching Hen House. Brigantine Self-Examines Budget for Certification

brigantine council shows financial corruption in NJ New Jersey
Self-ExamineBrigantine Budget. Fox Guarding Hen-House

Self-examination of the Brigantine City budget? Kinda sounds like a fox watching the hen house, huh?

On Wed. May 18, Brigantine City Council needed to vote on official certification of the 2016 municipal budget. This year, they decided to SELF-EXAMINE. Hmmmmm.

Watch this sad but true video. Witness Council & City Manager Stinson discuss ….then vote….. on procedures related to spending local tax dollars.

Note: most of City Council never experienced a resolution/situation like this. But in the end, they crossed their fingers….and did eventually vote to pass the resolution.

City Manager Stinson, an engineer by trade, has very limited experience in running a town or managing a municipal budget. Stinson blamed council for not reaching out to him for greater detail. When asked, Stinson saw no problem with not requiring the Brigantine CFO; chief financial officer (Tosto) & auditor (Costello) to attend this meeting.

FACT: Auditor Leon Costello and Brigantine CFO Roxanne Tosto neglected to do their jobs. They did not alert/advise council on this issue. Coincidentally, both were MIA – Missing in action for this important vote related to the City budget.

It’s also interesting to note that Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson were also nowhere to be found. Maybe they wanted nothing to do with a $5 million dollar surplus /  over-taxation?

Another CFO Roxanne Tosto financial error, Brigantine certification oversight.

Watch the video to see council members Sera & Bew clumsily defending the error prone CFO, Roxanne Tosto. Sera also tried, but failed to pin incompetence on Councilman DeLucry.

Watch the video. Then you’ll know why beautiful Brigantine is littered with empty stores, weak Real Estate valuations and a growing public employee workforce.

As usual, Councilperson McClay did not impress that night. No surprise there.

Favorite quote of the evening comes from the nasty & disrespectful Stinson, our barely capable City Manager. Stinson said to council: “I can’t read your minds”.


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4 thoughts on “Fox Watching Hen House. Brigantine Self-Examines Budget for Certification”

  1. I don’t understand why the voting residents of Brigantine continue to support these clowns that appear to not know anything about running our town

  2. How about council show some fiscal sanity and NOT replace Mr. Marrandino! Brigantine already has a principal AND a superintendent. Now that Mr. Marrandino has retired, we do not need another principal for a shrinking school enrollment of 650 to 700 students.

  3. Apparently Roxanne’s actions as a CFO are a lot like ————————————————————
    (Comment edited to remove non-relevant, personal attack on CFO.)

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