Go Ahead, Cross That Bridge to Brigantine

BrigantineNOW reader (edited) feedback from Kelly Carruolo.

I used to cover City Council for both the Brigantine Times and the Beachcomber. I can share these thoughts as a news-writer/reporter.

Every attempt to attract tourist attractions to the city were loudly and vehemently opposed by many sectors of the city’s population. Everyone from the towns Tax Payers Association, to random senior citizens opposed everything from horseback riding on the beach to allowing the Aquatic Center to be built on the land the owners had purchased.

It’s an age old problem. Brigantine is the most beautiful of all beach towns…and some people have a vested interest it keeping it a sleepy beach town that works against tourism. I have no idea if these forces are still at work.

I stopped working in Brigantine in about 1995, but I grew up in Brigantine, so I remember the days when the cancer of the Island was the Arcade and the Castle.

It will have to take a huge attitudinal shift to allow tourism to prosper on the Island. I’m lucky to have family and friends who live there and welcome me home as often as I can get there. When I’m home in Brigantine, I don’t want to go over the bridge for anything…I like to shop and eat locally.

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