The Green Scheme. Politicians Want Control of Brigantine Farmers Market

After 4 years of successful operation, efforts are now underway for City Hall to take control of the uber-popular Brigantine Farmers Market.

Since 2013, the Brigantine Green team has managed and nurtured the Farmer Markets into the BEST market in the area…even better than Margate. It’s that good. WATCH VIDEO of City Council trying to take it over.

Why does Mayor Guenther want to fix something that’s not broken? ‘It’s politically motivated’ says Cheryl Mascioli, co-chair of the Brigantine Green Team.

Guenther looks to use council majority to appoint a new CHAIR of the Green Team. In other words, the Mayor wants former political foe; Lisa McClay, out.

Note: City Council heaped praise on McClay at a previous council meeting…for her leadership of the Brigantine Green Team & Farmers Market.

Why does Guenther & Simpson want control of the Brigantine Farmers market?

Many reports suggest that local retailers, many who’ve been dismissive of the Market, don’t like seeing outside vendors on ‘their’ turf. These Greenhead insiders are putting pressure on Guenther & Simpson to act. Even if it KILLS the market with shoddy product or less appealing food items.

Is Brigantine City Hall qualified to run an operation like this? ‘No’ says those familiar with all City Hall players. Need proof? The Brigantine Economic Development Committee has been a complete dud. Business shut-downs have accelerated on the Island. The Brigantine Links Golf Course is a financial black hole propped up by taxpayers. Remember when we chased off Ron Jaworski?

Recent cancellations of the popular 4×4 Beach Parade, Easter Egg Hunt and the Jet-Ski Weekend are a few more examples of how completely inept government usually is… when trying to run a business…or grow a tourism attraction. All of this mismanagement negatively affects our Brigantine Real Estate values.


Mayor Guenther wants to put new rules & regulation in place regarding the Farmers Market. The 26+ year Mayor claims that since the Farmers Market uses city resources & assets, additional layers of rules are needed. Guenther is worried about ‘outside’ vendors selling on city property.

Ironically, the Mayor is less concerned with the many private sports leagues in town. They use city assets on a daily basis, sell things…and….get cash payments from the City Brigantine. Ex: Brigantine Football and Baseball Teams. Some of these private leagues charge outside teams to participate in local games.

But that’s not all. The infamous ‘Snack Shack’ vendor operates a full-blown concession stand during game times….on city owned sports fields. Brigantine’s City Manager or CFO have never provided documentation of this business, it’s inventory, taxes or management, even though Brigantine taxpayers subsidize the electricity, heating and maintenance of the ‘Snack Shack’ hut, and surrounding grounds. You can file this bit of financial foolery in the same bucket as the Water Weenie concession at the Cove Beach area… and the mysterious circumstances and monies connected to the annual Brigantine Triathlon.

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5 thoughts on “The Green Scheme. Politicians Want Control of Brigantine Farmers Market”

  1. things are working fine at the market keep the political hacks out!!! Another way to get into our pockets and control everyone and thing…

  2. You should check out Clean Communities and how they sguander the 50000 thousand state grant they get on tote bags hats and a lavish dinner at the Cellar

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