Greenhead Thug Politics Alive And Well in Brigantine

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No matter how many threats, intimidation, or physical assaults against members of BrigantineNOW, we will never stop representing best interest of all taxpayers, especially 2nd homeowners.

Shame on TROY PLATT and his recent physical assault on a member of BrigantineNOW. His filthy language and abusive behavior in a local Brigantine restaurant…. in front of kids… should not be tolerated.

Brigantine Thug Politics. Intimidation, harassment, physical assault, acts of aggression, and tortious interference. Especially against 2nd homeowners and new business owners.

Shame on those who scoff at 2nd homeowners. Yes, this is still happening in Brigantine.

The current administration, lead by Mayor Guenther and Andy Simpson, turns a blind eye to verbal & physical attacks against those with a differing viewpoint.

Shame on those trying to silence the news press & BrigantineNOW.

Shame on those who look the other way. Shame on those who protect the behavior of Troy Platt.

Shame on Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson & Sera for tacitly endorsing Platt’s bad behavior.

This is 2018….not 1975. The days of Greenhead Politics are over. Thug politics no longer have any place in Brigantine.

Troy Platt of Brigantine. Brother of Fire Chief Tighe Platt.

On Sept 14, the following was sent to the Mayor of Brigantine, Councilman Simpson, Ken Schaffer of Marine Mammal Stranding Center, and other city leaders.  >>

On Thursday evening, Sept 13, 2018, at approx 6pm, I was physically assaulted by Troy Platt.

The incident occurred as I was picking up a pizza at (Brigantine) restaurant.

As I was paying for my order, I overheard a loud conversation going on between a middle-aged man and three teenage girls who were sitting and eating their food.

The man was loudly talking with the teens about something relating to ‘gay’ and other hateful, related slurs.

As I turned around, it appeared this man was directing the slurs towards me. I asked him to ‘watch his language’. Especially around kids….and inside this public restaurant.

I believe this person was with his friend/wife and two kids….who were watching.

At this point, I noticed this person was Troy Platt of Brigantine. Brother of Fire Chief Tighe Platt.

I believe Troy Platt is also an employee of the MMSC. Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

Troy Platt then approached me…and violently hit/pushed me. His fist/hand hit me in the chest.

Security video can provide proof of this incident, as I remember it.

I warned Troy not to hit me again. He asked me ‘to take it outside’ numerous times. I was unable to leave the restaurant, as he blocked my exit. I asked employees to call the police. Employees tried to hold Troy Platt back….from going after me.

Troy Platt then kept up a stream of expletives. F____ you p__sy, suck my___, making sexual hand references, horrible gay slurs.

This went on for about…3 minutes….until Police showed up.

At least 5 children were exposed to this. Early teens…and younger. I think I noticed incoming restaurant patrons, quickly turn around and leave.

Once PD arrived, they told me and Mr. Troy Platt to move to opposite sides of the room. I complied. Mr Troy Platt looks like he needed constant restraint from a police officer.

Note: Brigantine Police were quick to respond, professional, fair and thorough. Quick de-escalation.

They asked for my ID. I complied. They asked me what happened. I did. Officer asked if I needed ambulance. I said ‘I don’t think so.’ Officer asked me if I wanted to press charges. Once again….I said ‘I don’t think so.’

I then left the restaurant.

Troy Platt of Brigantine. Brother of Fire Chief Tighe Platt.

I prefer NOT to press charges against Troy Platt. I don’t really want to get a restraining order either.

I do not want this unfortunate incident to affect Troy’s employment with MMSC.

As you all know, I fully support and endorse MMSC. My family visits often. They buy & contribute.

Until further notice, we will suspend our visits to MMSC….until we’re assured that Troy Platt will never do this again.

We also believe Troy Platt needs to apologize to:

  • Restaurant
  • Teen patrons that witnessed this
  • Brigantine PD
  • MMSC

I do trust that all of you, will take proper measures… to ensure this NEVER happens again.

Thank you.

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1 thought on “Greenhead Thug Politics Alive And Well in Brigantine”

  1. It’s a shame that adults don’t know how to behave.
    Change will come eventually. Yes, Brig. has surplus budget money. It needs to be spent cautiously, or the taxes could be frozen for a few years. At least the other shore towns have an amazing library, or some other perk that the whole community can enjoy. Stop spending it on creating more patronage jobs that pay $140K per year for working 4 days a week. There’s an old saying: “Little pigs get fed. Big pigs get slaughtered.” Brigantine’s greed has been at Big Pig level for some time now.

    If I’m reading Avalon’s website correctly, their municipal tax rate is .48 per $100. Brigantine’s is .66. Why doesn’t Brigantine have fantastic public amenities like fitness center, library, etc. Anyone?

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