VIDEO: Guards Protect Brigantine. Storm of 1962

The aftermath of the Storm of 62 in Brigantine was filmed by resident Lou Barone.

Pretty sure it was shot on Super 8 film.

It was available for sale many years ago, but no longer. It is available for viewing…only if you visit the Brigantine Historical Museum.

That’s why BrigantineNOW has scoured the Internet looking for snippets of this incredible documentary.

Here’s another clip that shows armed guards protecting Brigantine property. WATCH VIDEO.

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1 thought on “VIDEO: Guards Protect Brigantine. Storm of 1962”

  1. The original Barone VHS tapes of the ’62’ Storm had sound, but over the years the audio has degraded and the video is faded. The best VHS copy available several years ago was transferred to DVD and is available for loan at our Brigantine library. Anyone having a VHS copy in excellent condition should consider donating it to the Library so it can be duplicated onto DVD since the tape will continue to degrade. The original tape is quite long with interviews of the City officials from that time period.

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