Guenther and Brigantine School Board Blasted for Low Test Scores

High Cost of Low Grades.

The two Brigantine public schools will soon be consolidated into one. Pre-k through 8. It’s about time.

And what about test scores and teacher performance? Is it a money thing?

It already costs taxpayers $28,000 per student for Brigantine schooling.

Brigantine is one of the very few ‘Title 1’ school districts in NJ. That’s out of 600, NJ school districts.

The Mayor of Brigantine alone, appoints the school board. That makes former Mayor Phil Guenther fully responsible for the current situation. The high cost of low grades.

There’s no correlation between high expenses and academic achievement in Brigantine.

For years, Brigantine residents have been kept in the dark about school performance.

BTA: As Brigantine citizens and taxpayers, we all have a right and responsibility to be knowledgeable about and question the quality of education being provided with our property taxes.

Elected leaders, including the school board, boast about the quality of public education. They claims it’s excellent. The BTA disagrees: To the contrary, over many years, NJ State tests have revealed a mediocre academic record in Brigantine public education, not one to take pride in. To proclaim otherwise, is better described as deceptive ‘advertising’.

The BTA uses facts to hold accountable those responsible for our public schools.

BTA: We expect the public school to educate all its pupils to the extent of their abilities. That means fulfilling its prime purpose of teaching the fundamental academic subjects of reading, writing and math, preparing its pupils to continue successfully to the next levels.

Some hate standardized testing. But, it’s essential to measure what progress, if any, has been made.

Honest assessments and public acknowledgments benefit everyone. Especially the students. It saves time and money too.

See latest data, from 2017-18 PARCC State Assessment Test. These facts are online from the Brigantine school administration and the NJ State Dept. Of Education – Public School Performance Reports:

Brigantine Middle School has 1 teacher for every 7 students.

English Language & Literacy: 40% of Brigantine middle school students tested below state standards.

Math: 29% of Brigantine middle school students tested below state standards.

Brigantine Board of Education Members

  • MR. FRANK KOCH, President
  • MRS. HELEN COFFMAN, Vice President

DR. MICHELLE CAPPELLUTI, Interim Superintendent of Schools

MR. JONATHAN HOUDART, Board Secretary/Business Administrator

ERIC GOLDSTEIN, Board Solicitor

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3 thoughts on “Guenther and Brigantine School Board Blasted for Low Test Scores”

  1. I read about the low scores recently and I found it very troubling. Then I found out the teacher to student ratio- 1:7, then I looked up the salaries, not only of the teachers with most approaching $100K, but also the “helpers” earning in mid to high 20s for non-qualified help.

    This entire situation is really disturbing and I am hoping for a community effort to review the situation and determine how to fix the issue of overpriced under-education.

    Not acceptable – total disgrace.

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