Guenther & Simpson OK Brigantine Dune Destruction by Homeowners

“I see no harm” says Brigantine Councilman Andy Simpson. Mayor Guenther and Vince Sera concur. They all voted YES to allow Brigantine dune destruction by select homeowners. Oddly, Brigantine Democrats did little to share this information with local taxpayers.

The Brigantine Republican majority adopted the dune destruction / maintenance ordinance. They call it “dune maintenance”. Others see it as environmental destruction.

Brigantine is one of only 4 NJ towns that have maritime forest designation. They include Cape May Point, Avalon, and Island Beach. Pretty rare.

Why does the current administration allow for private homeowners to rip up environmentally sensitive areas?

The Brigantine Green Team, and Sustainable NJ, all had no comment.

The loss of Brigantine foxes is another sad issue.

Disappearing at an alarming clip. Reports suggest Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson have kept the lid on this secret for almost 2 years.

Brigantine Council knew NJDEP was going to take over the north end beaches for well over a year. Guenther & Simpson delayed a decision. They ultimately decided to look the other way and hope for the best.

Nothing was done to prevent it or fight it. They concealed the situation from the public until after the state  takeover. By then, it was too late. Brigantine citizens were unable to fight back.

Calls for a more robust Brigantine Taxpayers group have intensified. Some want a full blown investigation into operations within Brigantine City Hall.

NOTE: 75% of city tax revenues come from 2nd homeowners with no voting rights.

When the cat is away, the mice will play.

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