Hotel & Waterpark near Borgata Still a Mystery

From PINKY KRAVITZ & Press of AC: A little better than a year ago, the owner of the Diving Horse nightclub announced he was considering building a hotel with a water park across the road from Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

The idea was a good one but, as we have heard before, many good plans have been presented and have never been developed. Unfortunately, there has been no further comment relative to the future of this concept.

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1 thought on “Hotel & Waterpark near Borgata Still a Mystery”

  1. Each weekend we return to Brigadune to see what the brilliant council people come up with to spend money. You folks never disappoint. Any chance you can hire Jon Corzine to work for Brigantine?
    Why do we receive yearly solicitations
    from police and fire persons? Their annual salary listing in local paper says they are doing just fine. You think maybe we second home owners can stand at the bottom of the bridge with an empty shoe asking for donations to help us with Sandy storm recovery? Maybe each Labor Day?
    Boy, I love this place!
    Big foot,
    Paul Mathis

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