How to Donate & Help. Brigantine Community Ctr.

DONATION INFORMATION – please share and re-post. Official drop-off point / mail location for all donations is:


All donations must be in boxes and appropriately marked or they can not be accepted.


Why do items need to be sorted and boxed?

1) The items need to be properly marked for quick re-distribution.

2) We don’t resources to sort, box, and tag open items.
3) Any resources not used directly for Brigantine residents, can be quickly distributed to communities that still have need.


1. CLOTHING IN A CLOSED BOX; properly marked and identified as:

  • “adult male clothing”
  • “adult female clothing”
  • “child female clothing”
  • “child male clothing”
  • “toddler male clothing”
  • “toddler female clothing”
  • “Infant male clothing”
  • “Infant female clothing”

2. TOILETRY ITEMS IN A CLOSED BOX ; properly marked and identified as:

  • “male toiletry items”
  • “female toiletry items
  • “infant/child toiletry items”

3. CANNED FOODS (not perishable) IN A CLOSED BOX and properly marked and identified as:

  •  “food – canned goods only”

4) BLANKETS, SHEETS & TOWELS IN A CLOSED BOX and properly marked and identified as:

  • “blankets, sheets and towels only”

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3 thoughts on “How to Donate & Help. Brigantine Community Ctr.”

  1. Hi. My name is Michael Mandes, President of the Brigantine Elks Antlers Lodge #23. On behalf of my youth group, I extend my deepest sympathies to those who had great loss due to the storm. Our group wishes to help in the following way:

    We would like to collect funds that we can then donate to the city’s shelter for any supplies that may be needed to help people here who have been displaced from their homes. Checks can be made out to Elks Antlers Lodge # 23 with a message in the memo section “For supplies for storm victims.” These checks can be mailed to:

    Brigantine Elks Antlers Lodge #23

    c/o Michael Mandes, President

    4417 Whalerman Road Brigantine, NJ 08203

    Our group is also collecting unused travel-sized items such as shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, antibacterial gel and other toiletries for those who have been displaced due to the storm. Since our Elks Lodge has been damaged and at this point, we don’t know the true status as we are awaiting an update from the Exalted Ruler, Mr. Poole, we will make 4417 Whalerman Road in Brigantine, the drop-off point for items that are donated through our Antlers Lodge. We will be donating these to the city’s shelter for distribution to those in need. (If no one is at home, items may be left on the porch.)

    Thanks for any support you are able to provide at this time for the people of Brigantine.


    Mike Mandes,

    On Behalf of the Brigantine Elks Antlers Lodge #23

  2. Sharon Cargile Nichols

    Former Absecon resident and my husband Jim is a current Lodge member. So happy my girlfriend in Absecon sent this link to me. I will be sending you a check as my husband and I will not donate to the Red Cross. I know the small amount we are donating will be put to good use with you.
    Thank you and the Brigantine Elks for the work you doing!

    Sharon Cargile Nichols
    2968 Almazan Ct.
    Reno NV 89436

  3. We have already donated boxes of shoes, itching, coats, jackets, blankets and toiletries.
    We have several bed pillows available however the list of needed items does not include pillows. Does anyone know if they are not needed. Please advise.

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