Hurricane Sandy Shelters in Atlantic County

Here are Hurricane Sandy shelters for Brigantine residents who need a place to stay.

Officials stressed it these shelters should be used in worst case scenarios only. EX: if you can’t stay with friends or family, or leave the area.

Shelters should be the last resort, said Vince Jones, Atlantic County’s emergency management coordinator.

Shelters in Atlantic County

  • Pleasantville High School at 701 Mill Road
  • Pleasantville Middle School at 801 Mill Road.
  • Buena Regional High School at 125 Weymouth Road
  • Buena Regional Middle School at 175 Weymouth Road.
  • Buena schools are pet friendly, but Pleasantville schools are not.
  • Medical/special needs shelter at St Augustine Preparatory High School at 611 Cedar Avenue in Richland. General evacuees will be turned away, but the shelter is only for persons in need of medical supervision or other special needs.


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