Ice Cream Vendor Meltdown on Brigantine Beach

A lose, lose, lose situation on Brigantine Beach in regards to ice cream vending. After months of haggling, the City Manager, under advisement from a the beach committee consisting of councilmemembers, public safety & public works representatives, and members of the public, ditched the popular activity of ice cream vending on Brigantine Beach. Reports suggest, but not confirmed, that negotiations between corporate entity ‘Jack and Jill’, local ice cream trucks operated by Veterans, and the City of Brigantine melted down and were eventually shut down due to a variety of he-said, she saids.


Some claim the occasional ringing of bells announcing the ice cream man, disturbed the peace. Others claim, like the Mayor during the recent council meeting, that Brigantine never had beach ice cream in the past, so we can survive without it now. Maybe it’s this kind of business sentiment that contributes to the 30+ empty storefronts that pepper our island?


Today, some report that ‘floating’ rafts sell ice cream just off shore from ‘The Cove’. A popular vessel named ‘Water Weenie’ has kept Cove visitors happy and well fed for years along these sandy shores. Most rational people, including BrigantineNOW contributers, support vendors and other attractions that make Summer a little more fun. We trust that City management, Council and the Chamber will step up and place more emphasis on making Brigantine Beach more business friendly in the future.


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4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Vendor Meltdown on Brigantine Beach”

  1. Cant believe the Republicans are now saying that the Dems are depriving people of ice cream on the beach. How many ice cream vendors were on the Beach during Republican Rule? NONE!!! Ice cream on the Beach was a Democratic initiative. Next thing you know, the GOP will claim credit for the Farmers Market

  2. Why not have the ice cream trucks pull up near the street entrance to the beach? They could ring the bells (sorry; sound of summer, not a disturbance!) but it might keep more of the litter off the beach.

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