Interview with Vince Sera; Respect Brigantine Petition

BrigantineNOW Radio spoke with Vince Sera of ‘Respectable Government for Brigantine’ earlier this week. The petition to place a referendum on the ballot was rejected for a second time by the Brigantine city clerk. If the referendum gets on the ballot, voters would decide if 7 council seats are too much for a shrinking population. Mr. Sera suggests that a legal action may be required to get the referendum on the ballot. Click to listen to the Vince Sera of “Respect Brigantine’ interview on BrigantineNOW Radio.

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1 thought on “Interview with Vince Sera; Respect Brigantine Petition”

  1. Great, now legal action! The so-called “Respectful Government” group has already cost the taxpayers of Brigantine money that the city can not afford with their seriously flawed petition effort, and will now increase that amount by taking legal action because their petition was denied due to their mistakes. It’s like a child having a temper tantrum.

    Own up to it RGB. Being “respectful” does not mean others should pay for your mistakes.

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