Jaworski Golf Grows Again. Brigantine Links Losses Still Unknown.

jaworski brigantine

Some Brigantine leadership publicly dragged JAWORSKI GOLF through the mud and then said ‘no thanks…..we got this covered’. 

Could they be having second thoughts about blowing off a deal with JAWS?

Today, as unknown losses mount at The Links, Brigantine is watching from the sidelines as Jaworski Golf keeps expanding it’s successful South Jersey portfolio of courses and country clubs.

The Links at Brigantine Golf is losing approx. $400,000 per year. Financials not shared with taxpayers.

Recently, JAWS acquired Ramblewood Country Club in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

For years, the Brigantine Taxpayers Association has asked City for detailed ‘Links at Brigantine Golf’ profit & loss statement. Recently, City Manager Stinson has been asked to provide details on the deliverables that Ron E. Jackson of Meadowbrook Golf provides for a $9,000 monthly payment sent to his Florida based LLC. Paperwork for City’s responsibility concerning Mad Dog Morgan’s use of liquor licence at Links Golf Course has also been difficult to gain access to.   

Former Philadelphia Eagles QB, local legend, and expert golf management exec, Jaworski knows how to turn-around struggling courses. He makes em’ profitable by using a mix of smart marketing, investment and the leveraging economies of scale that come from owning multiple properties in a defined region.

Jaworski has an excellent record of turning around struggling golf courses. Brigantine needed his help.

Ramblewood becomes the seventh course. Ron Jaworski Golf also owns Blue Heron Pines Golf Club in Galloway Township, RiverWinds Golf & Tennis Club in West Deptford, Running Deer Golf Club in Pittsgrove, and Valleybrook Country Club in Blackwood, all in New Jersey, as well as Downingtown Country Club and Honey Run Golf Club, both in Pennsylvania.

WATCH VIDEO > Links at Brigantine Debate

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Arron Singer

Hey 70%R, Did you internet go down or just don’t have a response to my comments? Is your house over assessed or is $25K the acceptable limit (max R.E. taxes per yr) that every $1 million+ home owner on the island is willing to accept ? You are as bad as the real estate brokers/agents and local good old boys with their hands in the till.. The real estate community doesn’t want increased taxes on the big giant homes because they’ll lose easy commissions… No one cares about the long game on the island….Because everyone with skin in the game… Read more »

Arron Singer

TO – 70%R – Clarification of $1 million+ homes under assessed from a real estate tax standpoint – 1. First of all if your home isn’t worth anywhere near the assessed value, call a real estate tax attorney to file an appeal with Atlantic County and get the assessment lowered to its actual value. They work on a contingency basis and we paid about $300 for the work. I can’t believe you haven’t done this already if you truly believe your home is worth less than the assessed value. It’s a no brainer. 2. As we all know, homes now… Read more »


I am confused at the comment with regards to assessment of Million dollar homes. We pay over $24,000/year in taxes for our 2nd home. Those numbers have increased every year. HOW MUCH would you like our taxes raised? We cannot sell our home for anywhere near the assessed value. We are going broke. We are just regular hard-working people that saved for a lifetime.

I agree with your other statements. Corruption is alive and well and living on the Island of Brigantine.


Go ask the good folks at ashore reality…they have all the facts and answers!

Arron Singer

I hope Jaws tells the good old boys of Brigantine to kiss his a.. and that ship has sailed..Let’s pay the sham corp in Florida for another year or two…. Its time for change on Fantasy Island, the kind of change brought on by a Federal Investigation…….It’s all a big joke right guys ? Not assessing the million+ homes at market value, which would easily raise tax revenues, the continued hiring municipal employees, increased salaries/benefits, and justifying existing school staffing levels when the year round population decreased at least 25% over the last 3 years. Best of all – Promote… Read more »