Former Police Chief, Jim Bennett, Named New Brigantine City Manager

Jim Bennett Brigantine
Jim Bennett (Pic: Press of AC)

Congrats to former Brigantine Police Chief, Jim Bennett. Unable to stay retired and sit still for a bit, Bennett accepted an offer to be the new, Brigantine City Manager.

Jim Bennett has an excellent reputation with decades of service to Brigantine. A great choice.

Bennett is a certified public manager. He retired from the Brigantine Police Department as Police Chief, back in April of 2018.

Jim Bennett has a 26 and 1/2 year background in the Brigantine Police Department that started in 1994.

Bennett was named Brigantine Police Chief in 2016.

Bennett background also includes his work with establishing Brigantine’s Reverse 9-1-1 system. He was also instrumental at updating Brigantine PD’s computer and communication system.

Bennett replaces the interim city manager, Roxanne Tosto. Prior to Miss Tosto, Ed Stinson was Brigantine City Manager. Stinson recently exited that job to take a position as Public Works Director in Ventnor, New Jersey.

  • Bennett served in the United States Army from 1987 to 1991.
  • Bennett was Artillery Communication and Intelligence Specialist
  • Son of former beach patrol captain, Bill Bennett
  • Bennett served as Emergency Management Coordinator for Brigantine
  • Bennett is known for his tech know-how
  • Married to Kathy. Has daughter named Mary

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10 thoughts on “Former Police Chief, Jim Bennett, Named New Brigantine City Manager”

  1. Qualifications for city manager position generally include a masters in public administration, strong background in finance and three to five years of experience. After 25 years of mismanagement, Brigantines public employee salaries are at 80% of revenue. Imagine for a minute if 80% of your household income went to mortgage and taxes. Brigantine is headed for a fiscal disaster. Normally budgeted purchases and maintenance are bonded as there are no monies in the the budget, further distorting the numbers. Our Board of Ed per student costs are among the most expensive in the state. Really, do we need a Superintendent, two principals and all the associated staff for a school district of 600 children? Why did a well qualified police chief retire at such a young age after serving only two years as chief? Now he takes another well paid position one year later? Does he have the qualifications for the job? Can he be impartial to make the tough decisions needed to keep Brigantine solvent? It looks bad and it smells bad.

    1. Three to five years of experience in what?
      Provide valid data-driven examples of mismanagement.
      Why is Brigantine headed for a fiscal disaster exactly? You said can he keep Brigantine solvent, but I thought you said Brigantine is headed for a fiscal disaster?
      A masters in public administration is a bunch of BS. (I have an even higher degree and it is all BS.)

      What are your suggestions for improvement?

      1. Sorry to hear your advanced degree did not work out for you! A municipality where 80% of tax revenue goes toward salaries cannot sustain itself. There is no money for capital improvement, infrastructure, tax relief etc. Healthy towns build these improvements into their budget. A school system that has an enrollment decline of 50%, yet no corresponding decrease in staff is mismanaged. High tax rates and declining real estate values drive away investment. Suggestion: Bring in an outside consultant, one with no ties to Brigantine to review the budget, staffing, all positions, schools, golf course, contracts, everything. Lets read the report, then talk!

        1. NCP, while I agree with you that QUALIFIED, not CERTIFIED is the true credential for success in a position of management, the city as a whole is grossly mismanaged. Having dozens, DOZENS of city employees not in management positions making six figures is appalling. There is a level of helping out the born and raised residents of this town first and foremost, with an actual focus on the bloated budget being a second priority. Philadelphia cops who deal with daily criminals and heavy drugs and serious crimes get paid half of what local officers do. I am not blaming the officers, because they do a fantastic job, but for their salaries to be allowed to get that inflated especially in such a small town is dumbfounding. The town is wilting away because the privileged few outweigh the less-privileged many. (dare i say it is a microcosm of the nation as a whole.) And you ask for a solution? The solution IS what george said, have an impartial third-party analysis of the city budget and begin changing the costs of city management by immediately altering the pay scale moving forward. Obviously you can’t change what has been done, so we are forced to eat the cost of the current regime, but all incoming employees should have their payscale reflect a realistic salary. There are cutbacks in employment sectors all the time, why should Brigantine be any different? The kids decline, so should the number of teachers. A city with 4/5ths of its cost in city employees should concern everyone. A town in which property values are less than neighboring cities with inferior amenities should infuriate everyone. Brigantine should have a waiting list for people trying to snatch homes here, not a decline! Something is wrong and yet the local answer is ‘oh they do a great job’ is not sufficient anymore. So the answer again, is have an outside agency review the current course of action and future plan for the town, because it might be 20 years from now, it might be sooner, but eventually you will scare away more and more people and this town will wither away. Look at the greater good, not just what pads your pockets and your personal agenda.

          1. Sorry for the Loss

            Sounds like your all F&c*ed! I grew up in Brigantine in the 60-70’s played all the sports with the now politicians running the show, (boy the stories I could tell you and the skeletons in ALL there closets) was bullied by Andy (sound familiar) all the way through HS ! I moved away when I was 18 for school, always came back for the small town feeling, safety, comfort and of course the beach (lived 7 houses from the water) the world and the island have changed to where I don’t come back now, the one thing that has not changed is the cronies running the show! I could never be a lifeguard back in the 70’s these summer jobs were reserved for city employees kids and “donators” to the causes kids, no city job for me, pops was not “in the click”. I look at the school salaries and police, fireman salaries and I almost have a heart attach, not just over the unbelievable pay and benefits but the same crony last names of the parents 40 years ago!, it is obvious to me NOTHING has or will change! A real shame as I have traveled the world in my job and I still remember my Brigantine and how nice it once was.

          2. Sorry for the Loss

            So one question that comes to me, does he retain his newly golden retirement and a new salary or does he have to give up the retirement to come back in the system???

          3. Different pension system and he waited the required 6 months so yes he collects the pension AND the new salary

          4. Living the dream, almost as good as the current scam with fed jobs and “veteran’s”!

            Maybe he is already 100 disabled by the VA and collecting 48k a year tax free and 100% able to get a job! He was in the military 7 years correct? Wish I could do it, really do!

          5. Sweet deal…more than just a coincidence! The Brigantine machine protects its own! How do we common folk become insiders and get in on the scam?

          6. Sorry for the Loss

            WE DON’T!! I don’t know the man myself but if it smells like bad fish it usually is! What is he in his late 40’s with a GREAT pension on your dime the rest of his life and now he is set to start that all over with another FAT CHECK and retirement!! Wonder why your tax’s are out of this world! Think of it probably in the low 200’s a year to be on the low side!

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