L’Aragosta Extreme Mom in Brigantine

Brigantine Beach gets more famous by the day. The Lifetime TV network debuted ‘Extreme Moms’ last night. It featured Adelina Presta, the wife of the owner of the very popular; L’Aragosta Restaurant. Who knew that she had a germ obsession? Click to watch short clip.

Mr’s Presta’s family tries to get mom to change. The kids document “a day in the life” of their family and confronts their mama. Next, they’ll put Momma Adelina to the test, taking her to public events where she must try to put their extreme ways behind them.

I know one thing for sure…. I’m gonna wipe my feet real good… the next time I walk into this awesome Italian restaurant here on Brigantine Beach!

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1 thought on “L’Aragosta Extreme Mom in Brigantine”

  1. This is so funny. Adel is a dynamo, and most likely runs a “tight ship” as her children (whom we’ve met) are lovely, personable and beautifully mannered. Both their restaurants are meticulously clean. Personally, we’re grateful, and frankly, hope she’s successful at setting a new high standard for restaurant cleanliness.
    Her husband is one of the best Italian chefs we’ve ever encountered, and if that’s frustration he’s working off in the kitchen, he’s doing an absolutely amazing job. Keep up the good work, Mama and Papa Presta.
    So, let us let the world and the couch potatoes be entertained by this funny exaggeration. But, if you’re at the beach, you’ll find some incredibly delicious food in Brigantine, and look forward to early Fall, when Ardmore’s Laragosta reopens and we plan to make our reservations early. Bon appetit!

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