Late Night Shoobie Shenanigans

Letter to the editor from Augie Peltonen: It seems like the peace and quiet of many streets on the north end is being violated by owners of the newer three-story large McMansions. The owners of these huge houses have developed a pattern of renting on weekends to several groups of rowdies. They come down here to raise hell, drink all night, and shout and yell while playing beer pong into the wee hours of the morning.

This past weekend carloads of party animals came to a McMansion on my block. This particular house has an open-air (windowless) game room on the top floor. They came and blocked residents’ driveways, they shouted, hooted and hollered until almost three in the morning with their disregard for the year-long residents.

They come here under the gathering of bachelor parties, golf outings, or casino hopping – usually all three. These houses are not cheap to rent for these gatherings and it seems that the owners don’t care who they rent to as long as they make money. This is a new type of late-night party “Shoobie” that has no respect for the peace and quiet of north-end neighborhoods.

It’s obvious that those who had these huge houses built had no intention of living in them. They were built to be high-rent party houses. Is there a rental code for occupancy limit of the number of people in these weekend party houses? I know there is a noise code, and the owners of these rentals should make tenants aware of it or be fined for running ‘animal houses.’

Augie Peltonen

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11 thoughts on “Late Night Shoobie Shenanigans”

  1. I feel your pain Augie as well. I too live behind on of those 3 story night mares but remember as of 10:01pm you can call the police and report the noise. Get as many of your friends around the house to do the same and keep it up everytime it gets out of hand. That is the only thing you can do as far as I know. This for me has been going on for 3 years!!!! I just wish the town would do more about this but you know how that goes!!

    1. I agree with the new type of “Shoobies” have come to town it has been horrible. Once the noise starts rocking the house the dogs start barking and won’t stop from the stress; that in turn keeps the kids from going to bed. I actually had a rowdy bunch of revelers hanging out in the middle of an intersection after 10 when I yelled out for them to keep it down. Short time later my house was egged, they threw so hard the eggs broke through the screens before exploding on my windows. I did call the police but of course by then they had run off. Brigantine really has changed over the last few years and it hasn’t been for the better. I miss the real Brig atmosphere, quiet, ocean waves and the wind whistling.

      1. I was actually talking more about the local resident dogs. My neighbor across the street departs for work early and leaves his dog outside until he returns in the evening. And that mutt barks at anything and everything that moves! ALL DAY LONG! Even when the owner is home it barks; but he doesn’t seem to care! And there are other dog owners up and down surrounding streets that do the same thing. That’s why it always sounds like you are in a kennel. We too miss the old Brigantine as you perfectly described it. Seems like a new element has moved in, but not for the better.

  2. As a responsible Rental Home Owner in Brigantine I know that the owner has to get a rental permit. When the town comes in to do the inspection they will notate how many tenants can occupy the home. If they are renting to more than the allotted amount of people they most likely can get fined. To give you an idea my home is 3200 Sq Ft and I am only allowed to rent to 12 adults.

    1. It is not only happening in the North End. There are 2 “McMansions” in the A-zone as well. We have been putting up with the language, noise, and traffic for 2 years now.The owner markets it as a bachelor/bachelorette party house and has it rented EVERY weekend no matter what season. The neighbors call the police but to our shock, the Brigantine police do not notify the owner of the complaints. The owner claims innocence but why are these “Animal Houses” allowed in a residential neighborhood?

  3. Loud renters are not the only problem at the North End. Though I’m sure it’s the same everywhere because of inconsiderate owners, where we live sounds like a kennel at feeding time most of the day and night. Neighbors dogs are barking at 6 AM and also at midnight. I don’t blame the animals, just the owners who won’t train them to stop being an annoyance to the surrounding community. It appears that the dog owners in our area just don’t care. The City needs to have stricter enforcement of the noise laws to make them care.

    1. These bachelor parties on weekends at McMansions are basically scores of rich young adults renting houses owned by rich out of towners . They could care less about the people who live here and have to put up with there inconsiderate rudeness. And – people wonder why we locals don’t like Shoobies. Ditto with their noisy dogs !

  4. Dogs barking can be an annoyance and I empathize with all folks having to put up with this noise late at night and very early hours. Locals have noisy dogs too my friend. What about the local street urchins that hang out side at all hours shooting fire crackers and doing what teenagers do. Let them have their fun and buy a cheap pack of ear plugs and this minor inconvenience is then remedied. We were all kids and I can think of worst situations they could cause. As long as they are not breaking the law and vandalizing private property it is okay with me.
    Live and let live!
    Paul Mathis
    Big Foot

  5. Dear Augie, I agree with you about the noise. I’ve been a part time resident OF BRIGANTINE for over 40 YEARS. The only reason I’M NOT a full time resident… IS BECAUSE NJ IS ONE OF THE WORST STATES TO RETIRE. But I’m truly tired of this SHOOBIE Crap.

    KNOCK IT OFF. I’m a taxpayer just like you.

  6. McMansions suck . They are plastic cookie cutter architectural plastic dwellings that will become antiquated in a few years rendering the Jersey Shore’s architecture passé . Folks from NY and Pa. buying these investment properties to cater to rich kid rowdies to come here to raise hell at bachelor parties , etc. have no regard or respect for the communities they pay taxes in . Of course, the communities will welcome them in since their taxes keep coming in . It does nothing for the regular folks who have to put up with this crap.

  7. At Sandy… I highly doubt that high-end weekend renters that you refer to as “shoobies” are “hanging in the street” or egging your home. They have rented costly properties and are enjoying their time inside luxury homes or are at the casinos… You may want to look no further than the YOUTH of full-time residents to find your corner-hanging, egg-throwing teenage culprits.

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