Latest News from City Council: JAN 21

Walking papers were handed to city manager Jennifer Blumenthal, in order to make way for City Engineer Ed Stinson….to step into that role, effective Jan. 22. Who will take over role as City Engineer? Do we even need one? Will Stinson play dual roles?

New Republican majority on council removes Bowman and Company as city auditor. Mayor prefers previous auditor, Ford-Scott and Associates of Ocean City.

City plans to demolish six “certain unsafe buildings.” 1307 E. Shore Drive, 852 W. Shore Drive, 40 Heald Road, 435 Lafayette Blvd., 41 Vardon Road and 401 Sheridan Place.

Meadowbrook Golf Group, Inc. gets 60 more days…..till March 31, 2015…to manage Links at Brigantine Golf. City council still sparring over future management of the Links. Solicitor Scerni had no updates on negotiations with Jaworski Golf. Mayor & Councilman Simpson still considering a non-profit option… that most find highly questionable & rife with ‘shenanigans’.

Brigantine Fire Chief / Real Estate Agent; Alan Weidner, recently announced the appointment of Dr. Ken Lavelle as medical director for the Brigantine Fire and EMS Department.

No word on negotiations regarding long expired police & fire contracts. Democrat members of council eerily quiet about lack of movement on this issue. Some insiders believe that total comp for some public safety employees could reach well over $170k+ when pension, health & overtime are added to their $130k+ salaries. OPRA requests for this info could be forthcoming.

The next city council meeting is Wednesday, February 4.

Sources confirmed to Harry Hurley from WPG radio…. that Brigantine School Board member Steve ‘Stevey Bananas’ Bonnani has been removed from the Board, effectively immediately. This type of important info is never shared by Brig city council or in the local Brigantine newspapers. Thank God for this Interweb thing….and WPG radio.

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