Letter to Editor. Brigantine Must Set Example. Stop Plastic Bags.

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Plastic Kills. Protect Marine Life in Brigantine

Letter to the Editor from Nancy Schreiber >>  It’s encouraging that our community is at the forefront of plastic bag issue. I applaud City Council for considering the Greenteam’s initiative of implementing an ordinance to charge a fee on single-use plastic bags.

Banning plastic bags from Brigantine Farmers Market has been a success. It’s has not deterred people from flocking to the market during warm months.

A very successful grocery chain; Aldi’s, in New Jersey and throughout the US, is at the forefront of charging consumers for paper and plastic bags. As a result, the majority of shoppers bring their own recycled bags, so they don’t have to purchase bags. I’m one of those shoppers. This encourages the consumer to use reusable bags.

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Plastic Single-Use Grocery Bags

BJ’s Wholesale doesn’t provide any type of bag for the consumer. These merchant success stories prove that Acme, Wawa and other merchants should have no problem stepping up to Brigantine’s request to help our environment by either charging for, or banning plastic bags.

Brigantine: it’s time to stop polluting our shorelines with plastic. We need to educate the public to the fact that plastic kills marine life.

Fish and birds mistake this plastic for food. They ingest and die because they can’t digest this plastic. Brigantine’s Marine Mammal Stranding Center has displays and educational materials explaining these facts.

Another fact to consider: the size of the dead zone of plastic that lies in the Pacific Ocean. It’s estimated to be well over the size of the state of Texas. We need to put an end to this source of pollution, by starting as a shore community to pass this valuable ordinance.

Our actions will speak louder than words. It’s time to stop using plastic bags. By taking this valuable first step of passing the ordinance and charging for plastic bags, Brigantine will be at the forefront. We’ll send a message to other communities that our oceans, marine life and environment… matter.

Sincerely, Nancy Schreiber.


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4 thoughts on “Letter to Editor. Brigantine Must Set Example. Stop Plastic Bags.”

  1. Adam Schellhammer

    From Adam Schellhammer >> This is not a Democrat vs Republican debate. I myself am a Republican, yet I see inherent value in protecting the natural work around us.

    This island defines itself by its natural beauty and many residents rely on the waters on the Atlantic which provides their livelihood. Reducing the amount of plastic waste in circulation only serves to benefit the people of Brigantine. Plastics litter the beach and pose a serious threat to the health of humans and wildlife alike.

    It is appalling that we should allow political dividing lines to blind us to the importance of taking responsibility for the stewardship of our landscape. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to make these changes now while we have the opportunity to make them. 10 cents is a small price to pay for positive change.

    It’s about time we start to focus on the problems we face together without entrenching ourselves in political foxholes. We should be defined by our humanity, not the color on the campaign button.

    1. Is it political dividing lines or is flat out stupidity and short sightedness?
      If brigantine really cared they would not only ban bags they would also ban cigarettes on the beach? Instead Brigantine attracts beach goers that try everything they can to avoid $7 beach tag fees. Instead they do everything in their power to make Brigantine literally an “exclusive” beach town. Exclusive in every wrong sense of the word with small minded short sighted stuck in the 1980s thinking. Not that anyone actually thinks beyond a money with respect to Brigantine future.

  2. I see everyday the amount of plastic bags blowing the dunes. Eventually they will make their way to the water and into the stomach of an unfortunate sea creature.
    These bags are not only unsightly in the environment but they pose a fatal risk to wildlife.


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