Letter to Editor. Dog Park Facts & Issues.

From Sandy Weiss> Opening the dog park to the public without any means to monitor the immunization status of any attending dog can become a major issue and problem for Brigantine and its residents. Communicable diseases among dogs can run rampant in an uncontrolled environment and become a veterinarian’s and dog owners worst nightmare.

As with dog kennels and dog daycare facilities,(of which I have worked in both) there is great concern for the welfare of the dogs that are in attendance, fear of the possibility of contamination from just one dog can close them down. With this comes the angry and panicked dog owner’s asking how this could possibly happen.

If a dog park is to be a positive feature in promoting the city’s dog friendly atmosphere there comes with it a responsibility to keep this park’s dogs safe as is mandated in Article IV. Dog Park under Compliance Required 153-22.

This dog park is advertised as a benefit to and for Brigantine, it was a heartfelt gift, or it was intended as such, appearing to be well received initially, but it is also a responsibility and should be addressed as such by Brigantine.

Sandy Weiss

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