Links at Brigantine Golf PLAYER REVIEWS 2015

Date of Play: June 30, 2015
Posted by Anthony Guercio from North Jersey Bergen County
Staff was stuffy to say the least. Got the feeling that they were doing me a favor letting me play there. Keep in mind we pay your mortgage. With that said, course was in good condition. the rangers were rushing us and wanted to let people play through 3 times. With the exception of the other three golfers, the course was pretty empty. Maybe 14 people total. As stated, for $40.00 dollars or less it’s worth a round. No, I do not recommend this course.

Date of Play: June 22, 2015
Posted by Curt Pillsbury
The pro shop staff said “I know you have tee time in half hour but you can go now, if want”. He didn’t say welcome or tell us about facility or course or where practice area might be located. We practiced some putting and then went to start. There was a single player who jumped ahead of us and then another single player who drove his cart right up behind us as we were on the tee box of first whole. Very unorganized. We would not return to this course again, even if it was free.

Date of Play: June 17, 2015
Posted by jckobjudah from Mooresville, IN
Played with my husband and in a trip to Atlantic City. Course looked nice from the pictures, but we were disappointed in person. While it wasn’t a terrible course, it wasn’t worth what we paid.

Date of Play: May 26, 2015
Posted by lasala11 from Waretown, NJ.
Arrived 45 minutes prior to tee time, checked in and had to wait good 10 minutes while assistant was talking on the phone. Then I was told it was too early to check in come back later. When I returned he told me to go out as a single, there were two-somes and threesomes ahead of me, no one waived me through and had to wait constantly and even refused to allow me to join up. A miserable day on the links, when finished, I went to see the head pro to say how upset I was and how unprofessional the situation was handled. Very little regard for golf etiquette and how they treat their patrons. NEVER AGAIN!

Date of Play: August 15, 2014
Posted by Yepthatsme
The staff treated us like they were doing us a favor by letting us play for the golf now discounted price. The staff resented this and made it known to us even though the course was empty. I’m a resident of Brigantine and will never play there again. No, I do not recommend this course.

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