Links at Brigantine Golf: Declining Revenue & Need for Expensive Repairs.

What is the financial status of the declining Brigantine Links Golf Course? Why did Brigantine scare off Ron Jaworski Golf? Brigantine Taxpayers Association (BTA) President Anne Phillips is keeping the heat on, and wants answers.

Phillips is skeptical of how the city of Brigantine  handles the Golf Links finances.

Is the city transparent in regards to the financial history of the city-owned Brigantine Golf Links? Is the condition of the course on the verge of expensive repairs & upgrades?

Brigantine golf course has experienced declining revenue since 2008.

The Link s Golf course was supposed to be ‘self-sustaining’. Today, it’s now very dependent on taxpayer subsidies. Taxpayers will likely need to bail out the course in the future too, even after the debt is paid off in 2018.

The City of Brigantine purchased the Links golf course in 2003. The city took out a 15-year loan (bond) to finance the transaction.


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