Links at Brigantine Golf Drops $200,000 in Annual Revenue. VIDEO

Why is the Brigantine Links Golf Course still a financial burden on local taxpayers? That was the big question at the recent Brigantine City Council meeting on March 1., 2017.

The call for transparency about the Brigantine Links Golf Course.

It’s like pulling teeth getting regular updates on this under-leveraged, prime asset, says a group of Brigantine old timers. Some suggest the Links At Brigantine Golf operates as a pseudo-personal course for ‘Brigantine Insiders’

$200,000 Deeper Loss for Brigantine Golf Links

Just $794,000 of total revenue was brought in…for 2016. That number fell precipitously over the past year…from $981,000 to $794,000. At one time, this number was closer to $2 million annually.

Brigantine Links Golf Course was supposed to be self-sustaining attraction. on 180 acres of open space.

The City of Brigantine tapxyers are now picking up more of golf course expenses. It was exposed on MARCH 1, that water & sewer expenses will be subsidized by all taxpayers, 75% of which have no voting rights.

Brigantine Taxpayers will now pay water & sewer utilities for money losing Links Golf course

A money losing proposition from the get go. Recently, Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson chased away Ron Jaworski…and his superior Golf Management skills.

Brigantine Councilman Vince Sera pledged his continuing support foe the money losing, highly dysfunctional Golf Course. Sera, currently running for NJ State Assembly, has been accused of municipal incompetence.

Disrespect for doing what’s right for Brigantine taxpayers is another complaint lodged against Vince Sera, the ex-lifeguard this past week.

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2 thoughts on “Links at Brigantine Golf Drops $200,000 in Annual Revenue. VIDEO”

  1. This has been a rainy summer. No surprise revenues are down in a rainy period on a golf course with drainage problems. I played there and waded through the slop to get to my ball. I couldn’t drive the cart to my ball. Now I carefully evaluate the weather before choosing to play there. Maybe they could dredge the ponds and make them deeper to better drain the standing water.

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