Links at Brigantine Golf Looks for Outside Help

Brigantine Golf LinksLATEST REPORT: The ‘Links at Brigantine Golf’ course is one of the many hidden gems of Brigantine Beach. Unfortunately, it’s so well hidden, it has become a tax burden.

Reports are surfacing that suggest Brigantine’s lack of experience in running a golf course is the primary impediment for turning this investment into a revenue producing tourist attraction. Recommendations point to Brigantine relinquishing day to day operations to a professional golfing outfit.

Even Caesars Casino sold off their control of the Atlantic City Golf Course & Country Club a few months back.

Experts have strongly urged Brigantine to look for outside groups to properly invest in, promote and manage this operation on Brigantine’s north end, otherwise ‘The Links’ will continue to drag down the economy & tax base of Brigantine.

Brigantine Taxpayers Bear Burden of Links Golf Course

Financial losses from The Links at Brigantine Golf, (along with overtime and pension payouts to city employees), contributed heavily to recent tax hikes in Brigantine.

Reports show that ‘The Links’ is no longer an attractive revenue producer for Brigantine. Professionals continue to recommend that the course & clubhouse no longer be managed by City Hall.

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1 thought on “Links at Brigantine Golf Looks for Outside Help”

  1. Robert Zeigenfuse

    Management and maintenance certainly leaves a lot to be desired compare with just about any other golf course but the green heads make playing during the summer months unbearable!!!! Love golf but can’t stand to have green heads constantly bouncing off my heavily treated body while trying to concentrate on a golf shot. I play every weekend off the island for this reason alone. Until that is solved nobody will make a go of it!!!!!

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