Lisa McClay: Why No Brigantine Communication?

From Lisa McClay on Facebook…

I ‘m very disappointed with the lack of communication and details from our (government) officials leading this disaster in Brigantine. To county executive; Levinson:… let the residents of Brigantine return to their homes. Four days evacuated and we cannot return home?

Someone tell me WHY we can’t get over the Brigantine Bridge? This is creating an major uproar amongst the residents who followed directions and evacuated. Let the people go home.
  • Mary Ruley Moyer Lisa…what can you do once you are elected? Information has been cut off and mostly word of mouth and inconsistent. If we live here and stayed here why cant we help ourselves by getting to home depot or grocery store or even ti get more gas for generators. Why are they punishing us?
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  • Lisa McClay Dennis Levinson is saying that it is the Govenor’ orders. The Brigantine officials say they CAN handle the residents return. Someone call the Govenor!!!!!

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1 thought on “Lisa McClay: Why No Brigantine Communication?”

  1. Mary DeFrancisco MD

    We did call the Governor’s office. Please call as well. 609 292 6000. I spoke with a pleasant lady who assured me that she would look into the issue of access to Brigantine and call back. The more people who call, the closer we come to being back home!

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