LISTEN > Did Brigantine Mayor Hold Back Food & Bev from Golf Deal?

Did Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther hold back the FOOD & BEVERAGE operation from the Brigantine Golf Links deal? Maybe that’s why Jaworski offered a very limited proposal to manage the Links? The REAL money maker is the FOOD & BEV, catering, weddings, etc. Mayor may want MAD DOG MORGAN to control that?

Mayor OK with Brig taxpayers financing the money losing portion of the deal…the actual golf course. Brig Democrats have nothing to say on this issue. Radio silence.

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2 thoughts on “LISTEN > Did Brigantine Mayor Hold Back Food & Bev from Golf Deal?”

  1. It’s a damn good thing the town bought the golf course when they did. Down here in Florida in the Orlando area the courses are going belly up and the developers are converting them to housing developments. Thought you had a golf front lot, you have a new neighbor in the backyard.

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