How to Lower Flood Insurance Premiums

Many homeowners in Brigantine and all along the Jersey shore are still baffled by the chaotic collection of flood insurance info being bounced around. What’s right? What’s wrong?

We asked Dennis Allen of Ashore Realty in Brigantine to help clarify this flood insurance confusion. Dennis says:  ‘the majority of potential home buyers I’ve encountered in the past year seem to be under the impression that getting flood insurance in Brigantine is going to cost them thousands of dollars per year. While there are many factors that will effect your flood insurance cost, the average home shouldn’t be anywhere near that if…. the utilities are off of ground level (heating system & hot water heater) and you have the proper amount of flood vents in the crawl space. Getting flood vents installed for an average house will cost under $500. ‘

Click here to see some actual recent  flood quotes for Brigantine properties from Ashore Realty

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