Macedonian Grill, Brigantine Bridge and Police Department Target of Threats

According to Brigantine Police, a Galloway Township man was arrested on Friday, Oct 24th after a three month investigation into threats being made to the Macedonian Grill, a local Brigantine restaurant. Samuel Fairweather, 29, was charged with two counts of terroristic threats as well as one count each of creating a false public alarm, stalking, and harassment.

Lt. Jim Bennett of the Brigantine Police said Fairweather allegedly telephoned the Macedonian Grill restaurant over two hundred times between July and August 2014. According to the owner, the male voice on the phone threatened to “blow up” his place of business along with other threats of violence and death. He also was reported by the victim to have threatened to “blow up” the Brigantine Police Department and the Brigantine Bridge.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Bennett also said police found Fairweather by obtaining a subpoena for the restaurant’s phone records, after which they determined the phone calls were being made from an IP, or internet-based phone. Fairweather was released on his own recognizance.

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3 thoughts on “Macedonian Grill, Brigantine Bridge and Police Department Target of Threats”

  1. Why would someone who has made over 200 terroristic threats to blow up a business, our bridge, and the police be released on his own recognizance?

    Clearly Mr. Fairweather needs some help this behavior has been over a period of time how can it be considered safe to have him unsupervised and untreated?

    1. Why would they let him go? It’s obvious he needs a mental health evaluation. Maybe the judge who let him go needs to have his/her mental health evaluated too

  2. Normally, there are only two reasons to incarcerate prior to a preliminary hearing. Does the judge believe that the defendant will appear at the next stage of the proceedings? Does the defendant present a danger to himself or the community? Apparently, the judge believed that the defendant passed both tests.

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