Expensive and Expired since 2012. Brigantine Police and Fire Contracts

Wonder why Police, Fire, and Teachers contract negotiations are stalled? Police contract expired DEC 2012. Fire Dept contract expired DEC 2013. It’s well known that public employee contracts will NEVER be this good again, especially in Brigantine. Read the jaw-dropping agreements below.

Negotiations have stalled regarding long expired Brigantine public safety contracts. In the past, Mayor Guenther has denied allegations that both he and city council don’t want to upset this influential portion of Brigantine’s small voting block. Councilman Simpson and City Manager Stinson have also been tight-lipped about negotiations. Still no word from Brigantine firefighter union leader: Captain Tiger Platt of Absecon, NJ.

Watch Mayor appointed City Manager; Ed Stinson. Will he get new but very expensive contracts signed soon?

According to a group of local residents who examine city expense and contract documents, total compensation for many public safety employees could reach well over $200k+ when pension, health & overtime are added to the $100k+ salaries. Some employee compensation could be much higher than that.

Recent findings show that one particular Brigantine Fire Department captain received $33,000 in overtime pay in 2014. When you add that to his salary of $130,000, health care of approx $30,000, pension and longevity pay….the total cost that taxpayers handle…..of that ONE Brigantine employee, is well over $200,000 per year. You can see why FD union leader; Tiger Platt, Mayor Guenther and City Manager Stinson are in no hurry to sign new contracts.

With public safety unions in Atlantic City giving back in good faith, facing layoffs, reduced wages & benefits…as well as working even harder in a VERY busy town like Atlantic City…. some wonder why Brigantine public safety employees don’t follow AC’s lead in order to help the local community.

More OPRA requests for total 2014 compensation info are in process. Note: Brigantine City employee wages, overtime and benefits (medical and pension) account for approximately 65 percent of the municipal budget.

See Firefighter contract here http://bb-nj.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Firefighters-Contract1.pdf

See Police contract here http://bb-nj.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/PBA-Contract-2009-20121.pdf


See background from Press of AC http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/brigantine-seeks-to-slow-annual-raises-for-police-firefighters/article_e4f9cf3e-ccbf-56db-a994-c571b0871bc9.html

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4 thoughts on “Expensive and Expired since 2012. Brigantine Police and Fire Contracts”

  1. Expect Property Taxes in Brigantine to increase again at a very high rate this year after the state gives tax breaks to Atlantic City and seeks more from the other municipalities in Atlantic County. The article on Philly.com tells how some communities are handling it, such as Longport with their volunteer Fire Dept. Maybe the mayor and council should not look to expand, but rather downsize it. And they will likely try to negotiate the new contracts prior to announcing tax increases for 2015. The town already cannot afford the existing contracts.


  2. $33,000 overtime pay!
    How is $33k in overtime on top of $130k salary not straight up thievery.
    I repeat…$33,000 in overtime alone!

    How do they sleep in that firehouse in good conscience?

    1. Concerned Brigantine Resident

      They sleep very comfortably, for long hours so they can wake up fresh and go to their day job!

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