Marine Mammal Stranding Center Keeps Busy in Brigantine

Brigantine Beach is home to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC). They recently responded to a call from Sea Isle City regarding a dead dolphin that washed ashore there. Click through for pictures ( Warning: pics are not for the squeamish )

A dead, newborn bottle-nose dolphin was quickly identified and taken back to the MMSC, where it was examined and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary college.

MMSC staff determined that the dolphin was struck by a boat. Multiple propeller wounds were found on the animal’s body. Dolphins are not quick enough to avoid boaters; and this dolphin is one of six dead newborn bottle-nose dolphins that have washed up in New Jersey so far this year. However, this is the first confirmed boat strike.
BOATERS: Please use caution when out on the water. 
For more info about the good work of MMSC, call 609-266-0538 or visit:

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