May 13 Special Election for Brigantine Public Safety Director.

On Tuesday, May 13, local voters will approve or deny a petition to remove the position of Public Safety Director from the City of Brigantine. From what we understand, second home-owners (approx 70% of Brigantine taxpayers) are unable to vote in this special election/referendum. That issue remains unclear. What we do know: eligible voters must register by Tuesday, April 22 to cast a ballot.

A petition submitted by a group called Concerned Citizens For Brigantine, was certified in February. On March 5 meeting, the Democratic council majority voted 5-2 against the petition. While most council members favor having chiefs in the public safety department, Democratic councilmen Pullella & Kern would prefer not to pick a chief just based on seniority. This might suggest that Acting Police Chief; Ray Cox may not be their first choice.

For voter registration info, call City Clerk Lynn Sweeney at 609-266-7600

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1 thought on “May 13 Special Election for Brigantine Public Safety Director.”

  1. Do you have a sample of how the question will be asked on the voting of public safety director I saw an ad posted by the democrats on page 8 April 18 of the brigantine times. It says
    Keep the position of public safety director


    I thought they wanted to keep that position..

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