Can Mayor Simpson Stop Booze-Fueled Chaos at Brigantine Cove?

brigantine cove beach 4x4
Pressure from NJ DEP

Over the past 20 years, former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther was too lax. Turned a blind eye on the rampant use of alcohol on the 4×4 beaches of the Cove in Brigantine. The bomb scare letter in early July was the last straw.

Watch video from Brigantine City Council meeting of July 21, 2019. Topic: How will Brigantine stop illegal drinking at the Cove on Brigantine Beach.

Newly elected Mayor, Andy Simpson, pledging to clean up the mess. Simpson wants to crack down on what he calls, ‘drunken idiots’. Simpson needs to fix the problem left by past administration.

How did it get this bad?

Former Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther, along with Councilman Sera, allowed a whopping 6,000 4×4 beach permits to be distributed. You read that right. 6,000 permits for a beach that can barely hold 700 vehicles.

Simpson and Sera say swimmers are not allowed in the front beach ‘surfer’ areas. Too dangerous. So are they OK with stupidly dangerous conditions along the Inlet at the Cove?

Not smart to mix kids, boats, fishermen, jet skis, 4x4s and alcohol, into one small area.

According to Brigantine City ordinance, alcoholic beverages are prohibited on our beaches. Says it right there on the sign.

Brigantine Cove Illegal Drinking
Why Don’t Simpson & Sera Enforce Current Rules?

Cracking Down on Brigantine Cove Chaos Created by Mayor Guenther

Simpson: What happened on the North End, will happen on the South End. Our paradise is under attack.

Public comment: Alcohol abuse. Lot’s of it. Going on for a long time. Decades. Former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther always protected this ‘insider’ party spot. Every other person has a red cup. Somebody is gonna get killed. Too much alcohol consumption on beach. Out of control. Offenders have no fear of repercussion or consequences.

brigantine cove beach 4x4 drinking
Toasting Brigantine City Hall

Elbow to elbow. Everyone sharing the same strip of sand. Bathers, fishermen, jet skiers, boaters, kayaks, 4×4’s, etc. Risk of injury heightened when combined with copious amounts of alcohol. Some of it consumed by those not yet 21 years of age.

Hilarious. Simpson and Sera believe the problems are coming from about 10 people. Really. That’s all. LOL.

Rick DeLucry has been on the beach committee for years. He’s heard complaints for most of those years. Problems have gotten worse. Foul behavior. Way too much alcohol consumption. (We think underage drinking is a worse and growing problem). People getting hammered. Disaster in the making. We saw a kid falling out of a pickup truck.

brigantine cove beach

The always vigilant, Brigantine Police Department, issued about 300 tickets during 4th of July festivities. Not an easy job to be tasked with.

DWI check points. Many believe this should have been instituted years ago. Guenther took no action.

Full-time Brigantiners want to have priority for permits and accessing the Cove. Sorry. That’s against the law. But full-timers do enjoy cheaper, early bird permits. Second homeowners still waiting for City Hall to offer online purchase of permits, and get a discount too. Don’t hold your breathe on that one.

Urinating on lawns. Changing diapers on private property. Drunk and disorderly on Brigantine Beach.

It’s not just 4×4’s jamming the beaches along the 60 ft deep, fast running inlet. It’s the ‘walk-ons’ too. Just park along the residential streets, steps away from easy passage thru homes to the infamous Cove.

Let’s not forget those arriving by boat or jet ski. Pull right up on the beach. Right next to splashing toddlers and grandpa casting a hooked line.

Some arrive after a short hop across the inlet from Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City.

brigantine cove

Public Comment: Maybe we should reduce # of permits by 40%… by raising prices. Some say the $185 is too cheap. How about: Get caught drinking and get a summons. Lose/suspend your 4×4 beach permit.

Brigantine Mayor Simpson on Cove Beach Chaos: We’re cracking down.

Should beach goers be subject to a search? City Solicitor Scerni will research that issue.

Guenther, Simpson and Sera didn’t want to upset local voters. Employed hands-off approach that upset residents, especially 2nd homeowners, who live along the inlet.

A shut-down, much like what happened at the North End, COULD happen to the Cove & Jetty area.

Booze and bad behavior on Brigantine Beach.

Brigantine Councilman Vince Sera has repeatedly downplayed the Cove chaos. Says it’s really just a handful of rabble-rousers. These problems are fairly new reports Sera.

Sera says things have gotten under control over the past few weeks. Residents and those with 20/20 vision, disagree. ‘Sera is full of it’, says a long-time homeowner who attended the special Saturday morning council meeting. This is more than just a small group of 10 or so.

Self-policing. Is it enough? Probably not, say those familiar with the situation.

The amount of resources devoted to Cove related stuff, is getting out of hand.

Stop a tragic accident from happening.

NJ DEP wants to shut down 4×4 access to the COVE?

We can’t let the Cove become a nuisance/problem ‘bar’.

Previous actions from Mayor Guenther ‘digging in and fighting’ with DEP did not work. Guenther not well-liked in Trenton. Guenther is a longshot in his bid for a NJ Assembly seat.

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11 thoughts on “Can Mayor Simpson Stop Booze-Fueled Chaos at Brigantine Cove?”

  1. How about stopping the boats and the walk-ons…..there is plenty of beach space to walk on….the cove is a 4×4 beach…..NOT JET SKIS….NOT BOATS.

  2. Jennifer Arellano

    I never go to the cove anymore. I remember in the ’70s when I was a kid. All the trucks were fishermen standing side by side in the water fishing for flounder. That place is nuts all summer. I only go there in the off season. It’s a shame that these party goers are ruining a nice beach.

  3. and I notice you don’t say any thing about Delucry and he’s done nothing about the problem ..except talk about it for the past 8 years..(and 20 mins above)….and the article offers no constructive solutions to the problems at The Cove …just unwarranted blame…for once something positive for the community ..or STFU!

  4. We moved here because we love Brigantine. Why not give local taxpayers a discount and increase the 4 x 4 pass to those others. Also limit the amount to a reasonable number. Is Brigantine still giving 2 free passes to Veterans? Where does all this money go any way. Many of the streets are old and need repaving. There are many structures that should be demolished. Why take away why we love it here when things could be handled better up front.

  5. Make a few arrests, handcuffs, pictures in AC Press – for drinking – NJ ABC for minors- it will quiet things down

  6. These people that are drinking and destroying the beach are going to ruin it for the people that really love it there.
    I think Brigantine should really get strict with people that are not abiding to the rules. I have a permit, but I don’t live in Brigantine. I’m from New Jersey. I really like coming there, but looks like things are going to have to change for the good of the residents

  7. Andy is 100% correct. Start using drones with HD cameras then send BPD. If that does not work contact NJSP Marine Services Bureau. Has to be safe for residents. When we were kids we took rowboats across the channel from Drexel Ave beach in AC.

  8. Former resident

    NYC Philly and Jersey it’s what gives the region/shore and bad name.
    Jersey Shore/Brigantine. Where everyone’s last name ends in a vowel and they think they’re tough guys.
    If you conduct yourself as a stereo type you’ll be treated as such. It’s no wonder everyone is moving out of the North East. It’s now wonder the rest of the country can’t stand it there either. The dirt bags outweigh the good people…and the good people are selling and getting out. Throw in the blatant corruption and nobody wants anything to do with it. The schools are $#!T and don’t help either…nor a rundown AC over the bridge. Every state has gambling now in many cities. AC and Brigantine died in the late 90’s.

  9. 6000 permits, mostly to nonresident , non taxpayers is ridiculous. There are no increased revenues for the City. 4X4 beach goers pack their food and drink from outside brigantine, trample the beaches using a free pass (I’ve heard available to veterans firefighters and police-from anywhere!!), create more work for all the city services to monitor, clean up etc. Then they leave town – day trippers offering nothing to the City. What’s in it for Brigantine? Permits should only be purchased for a high price with discounts only to those showing they pay city taxes for the services required.

    1. That makes to much sense….they wouldn’t do it, I head off to Home Depot and on the way back I see dozens of what you mentioned , we have paid taxes and live here for 20 years and use to love the cove south beach… refuse to bring my kids there now. Follow the $$$ nothing will happen until there is a serious situation that ends up on the 6:30pm national news..

  10. I agree with Brighomeowner. Discount 4×4 permits for taxpayers and make them expensive for others. That would cut down on beach chaos a lot.

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