McClay & Guenther Join Hands and Say OK to $5 Million Expense with Limited Detail.

A $5 million dollar expenditure, with minimal detail was quickly approved by Brigantine City Council on Wednesday night, May 20. This debt will be used for Brigantine School District infrastructure improvements that have yet to be clearly identified or prioritized, as pointed out by Councilman Rick DeLucry.

Mayor Guenther admitted he was not able to confidently identify how that money would be used, and if that $5 million dollar bond was properly vetted.

The lone questions, prior to the vote, came from Rick Delucry who noticed related paperwork was dated 2013. Mayor Gunther mentioned a glitch in the NJ state system as reason for the out of date paperwork.

Delucry also noted that the document, which he was seeing for the first time, had virtually no detail, making it difficult if not impossible to render an informed decision about this $5 million school bond.

Lisa Mcclay Brigantine
Councilwoman Lisa McClay. (Photo: Press of AC)

As is becoming the norm, former opposition Councilwoman Lisa McClay (D) sided with Mayor Guenther (R), and broke ranks with her own party. Councilman Joe Piccardi (D) barely raised an eyebrow as this taxpayer debt was easily passed.

One long time resident in attendance who wished to not be identified quietly stated: ‘Guenther, McClay and Simpson spend taxpayer money like drunken sailors’.

Attendees to the meeting noted that Councilman Rick Delucry (D) was the only elected official to exercise his fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Brigantine. Delucry performed due diligence with this $5 million dollar expense that will be handled by taxpayers. Most of the burden will be taken on by part-time residents and 2nd homeowners.

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2 thoughts on “McClay & Guenther Join Hands and Say OK to $5 Million Expense with Limited Detail.”

  1. $5 million!!! Where does it stop. Our island is imploding and now this. Wake up there are more people exiting this island than ever before . More homes are up for sale and the foreclosure rate is worse than post sandy. Are you people that blind?

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