McClay & Mascioli. Brigantine Farmers Market Heroes

To the editor from Jack Heil: I would like to thank Councilwoman Lisa McClay and Cheryl Mascioli for taking a step forward to start a Green Team for Brigantine.

For many years, residents and visitors were asking for a farmers market, and Lisa went to council with the idea. Lisa and Cheryl formed a farmers market committee of volunteers who would be responsible for the weekly market. So I would just like to say, if you take pictures of any event, you should get the people who really should have the thanks, because they did a lot of work to help Brigantine grow.

Through grant money and donations from sponsors, the market is operating with no cost to the taxpayers. So thank you, Lisa and Cheryl, and all the people who helped you put all of this together. Keep up the good work. Lisa, you certainly are an asset to the city of Brigantine.

Jack Heil

Lisa McClay & Brigantine Green Team
Lisa McClay & Brigantine Green Team

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