McClay To-Do List. Keep Pressure on Mayor Guenther.

This page will hold Councilwoman Lisa McClay and all Brigantine leadership accountable. The goal of this site: fix the biggest problem facing Brigantine taxpayers: How to regain control & oversight of City Council & City Hall operations.

This list will assist in giving back power to those who are ultimately in charge: the Brigantine taxpayers.

As party leader, Councilperson Lisa McClay is tasked with getting answers and resolution to these critical issues. If ignored, McClay has the duty to either hire an independent 3rd party attorney to investigate, or report the issue to appropriate departments in Trenton. If McClay doesn’t follow through, she could be considered an accomplice to the un-ethical and potentially criminal activity of Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson.

Keeping a ‘To-Do’ list is no-brainer for all political leaders. McClay must do her job. She must make sure Mayor Guenther, City Manager Stinson and Chiefs Reed & Weidner are doing what’s best for all taxpayers…. not just those with City Hall connections.

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