TONITE. Meet Cast Members of Brigantine Castle. JUNE 19

Brigantine CastleTonite, June 19. 7pm. Meet former cast members of the world famous Brigantine Castle. Stories and gossip never shared before. Brigantine Community Center at 42nd Street.

Meet some of the characters as they’re raised from the dead for this special, creepy evening…Chunky Monkey, The Zombie, The Butcher, Frankenstein’s Monster.

Click to see awesome pics & watch video about the world famous Brigantine Castle.

The Brigantine Castle, on the beach at 14th Street North, opened in 1976 on what was originally the Seahorse Pier. It became an instant success and developed almost a cult following of both locals and visitors. Actors chosen to be cast members earned immediate celebrity, but also hours of hard work and rehearsal, plus wearing a costume for hours in a building without air conditioning.

Remembering Brigantine Castle – Brigantine Now
At one time, Brigantine Castle was the most popular attraction here on Brigantine Beach.  Need more details? Call the Brigantine Historical Society at 609-266-9339.

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