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Oops. Another glitch. City Manager Blumenthal forgot to put the Golf Course deal on the City Council agenda this past Wednesday night. Mayor tried to blame Dems for that one, but no luck. Councilman Pullella respectfully reminds Mayor that Blumenthal was notified no less than 3 times about this simple request.

Councilman Pullella (and most of Brigantine) wanted Links Golf Course discussion placed on agenda. City Hall switchboard was overloaded by confused residents and business owners looking for an economic boost to the island.

This recent golf course ‘glitch’ is added to the long list featuring… clerk; Lynn Sweeney late in placing a legal notice in the local paper announcing golf course discussions, etc.

Mayor not shy about wanting to delay this process. Maybe do deal when GOP has majority? That’s fine with us.

Maybe Mayor would prefer his own, hand picked City Solicitor (Maguire) to do deal with Jaworski? (after Solicitor Scerni’s likely exit in Jan 2015).

Outgoing City Manager; Blumenthal will likely be replaced by current city engineer; Ed Stinson. Watch for Stinson to assist Maguire in any future negotiations with Ron Jaworski Golf.

While Mayor talked of pause, Councilman Delucry reminds attendees of past 2 years of continued public input, debate and discussion.

Example: Spokesman for those opposed to a Jaworski deal; Brigantine Firefighter and local Realtor, Mike Lange, published a comprehensive list of demands that he and the Mayor believes is needed for any negotiations to continue. See Brigantine Links Golf Course demands here.

Even Republican residents that supported the Democratic majority in the Golf Course issue voiced disappointment. Not happy in watching McClay, Piccardi, DeLucry & company letting their 2 year control run out with no golf deal.

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