Mike Brennan For Brigantine Chamber President.

Brigantine Beach will hold another major election that has major implications for our island. Those with the most votes this Friday night, Feb. 1, will occupy the key positions of President & Vice-President of our island’s Chamber of Commerce. This is big.

Mike Brennan is a leading contender in this race. He’s been involved in Brigantine for decades, and with The Chamber of Commerce for many years.

While serving on the Chamber’s Board of Director’s, it became obvious to Mike that the current leadership had become lazy. They were weak in most areas, including membership retention, local business promotion and tourism. The Chamber began as a business advocate group, but has dwindled to nothing more than a small group of insiders holding various social events & lunches.

A sample of Mike Brennan’s platform:

  • Address and fix the problem of declining participation.
  • Complete transparency with membership dues & expenses
  • Offering various seminars & workshops on business innovation.
  • As commercial zoning expert, he’ll introduce variety of mixed zoning concepts.
  • Leverage business relationships & community allies to boost economy of Brigantine.
  • Open door policy between the Chamber general membership & the Board of Directors.
  • Gather ideas from business owners via round-table discussion. Implement best ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Mike Brennan For Brigantine Chamber President.”

  1. Your reporting seems sarcastically biased against the current Chamber of Commerce President & VP. Thank you in advance …Tricia Cosgrove

    1. Hi Tricia, We appreciate your feedback. Not being sarcastic. We firmly believe that the current Chamber President & VP are incredibly unqualified to run the Brigantine Chamber. Not paying their Website bill for 3 years…..is just one example showing the unforgivable neglect of their duties. The Summer of 2013 is so important for many. Does anyone really think the 2 current Chamber leaders have any idea how to help Brigantine business, home-owners and all Brig taxpayers? We desperately need a new team to boost awareness, tourism, retail, economic prosperity for all of Brigantine.

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