More 4×4 Cove Chaos in Brigantine for 2016. Reader Feedback

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The Cove in Brigantine

This pot needs stirring. I’m a born and raised 50 year resident of Brigantine. I’ve purchased a 4×4 beach permit almost every year since getting a drivers license.

I will not be buying one this year. Here’s my story:

Last year I went to the jetty early in the A.M. to fish. There were already some trucks parked close to the jetty, so I decided to park in the soft sand. As I parked, a young woman walked over to me and told me I couldn’t park there. Why? I asked. ‘These spots are saved’ Saved!? Saved by/for who!? ‘We have friends coming down’ she said. I looked around and saw that she placed beach chairs across the sand to ‘save’ the spaces. Really. Well, my permit says I can park here, and so I did. This precipitated some very foul names being spewed by this little beach beast.

Ahhh.. but not to be outdone, I said things to make her cry. This prompted her to warn me that her husband was coming. I pointed to the jetty. ‘I’ll be over there’, I said. No one came over.

As I was leaving, a guido-looking guy approached. He questioned me about where I parked and how I talked to his wife. He told me they drive over an hour every Sat & Sun to come to the Brigantine jetty. Everyone knows that his crew parks in the same spot every time, just like all the rest of the people.

We went back and forth a bit. As I went to get in my truck, he grabbed me. As he picked his ass up off the sand, I drove away.

Later, I told my story to a few folks. They said this goes on all the time at the Cove as well. So because of this (and other things) I will not be buying a permit this year. (and I’m able to get a senior discount this year) That’s my story.

Now, here’s my thoughts on this whole 4×4 cove /jetty/ veterans thing. City council has made a big mistake this time. While I appreciate what service members do for our country, I don’t think they should get free permits. Discounted yes. Free no. It should be half-off like seniors.

What should happen is out of state residents and non Island (Brigantine ) residents should pay a higher fee. It’s done all over the state/country and in NJ in particular. There are resident and non resident licenses of all kinds. And keep the City Chamber of Commerce out of the decision making process.

I would imagine if a poll was taken of the people that use the cove and jetty areas, that a vast majority of them come from out of town bringing all of their supplies with them…never stopping at any of the island businesses…turning at the HBB light and going directly to either area….and leaving the city just as quickly

The city of Brigantine needs to enforce the rules laws already on the books.

  • No alcohol
  • No under age drinking
  • No bar-b ques
  • No pets
  • No fueling of jet skis on the beach..(that’s a big one)
  • Some J.O. brought a portable toilet to the beach
  • Only 4 wheel drive vehicles on the beach
  • No saving spots

With all the free permits being given out this season people that spend $185 for one are going to be very disappointed…I won`t be buying one.

Oh, and as an aside ….never again have that ridiculous 4X4 parade on the beach. Most of those “trucks” came from over the bridge. They went back without ever stopping at a single business on the island. Many weren’t even street legal and had to be trailer-ed in. Stupid idea!


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18 thoughts on “More 4×4 Cove Chaos in Brigantine for 2016. Reader Feedback”

  1. I agree with you on a couple of points.

    My husband and I have always enjoyed fishing off the jetty. But the last couple of years, the cove and jetty beaches have been anything but enjoyable.

    Brigantine should only sell 4 x 4 permits to Brigantine residents only! And that includes 2nd home owners. It should not be selling these passes to anyone else. We have not able to enjoy these beaches because they are always parked up with people that have no regard or respect for Brigantine.

    You are right that these bridge crossers don’t do our town any benefit by not spending at our businesses. They get drunk, smoke pot, don’t follow the rules and leave the beaches strewn with garbage. I can’t tell you how many times I spent picking up garbage left behind. And then there is the fact that there is not enough resources to patrol or clean these beaches. So why allow more people in to take advantage. $$$$!!!

    There recently have been some articles about plastic bags and the environment. Well who do you think are the main offenders. Plastic bags are always left everywhere at the jetty and cove. Once I watched as a group was empting out there bags and the wind blew a couple away. They laughed and not one of them went to retrieve them.

    These outside visitors who seem to think because they bought a pass. They can do anything they want. It’s disgusting. And the talk about charging us extra for using bags from Brigantine businesses to cut down on this garbage is ridiculous. WE the Brigantine residents and 2nd home owners are always left to pick up the bill.

    I also agree that veteran’s should pay a discounted fee. Suggesting it should be the same as the Senior discount is very reasonable.

        1. It’s not illegal, that’s ridiculous. There’s nothing stopping anyone from having one rate for everyone and then discounting residents, seniors and veterans. Just takes some thinking outside the box which unfortunately is a challenge for some.

    1. Bridge crossers ? Veterans should pay a discounted price? Sounds ;like a few snobby comments from residents who really have forgotten they live in a resort community that depends on the bridge crossers and for the men and women gave up a part of their young lives to protect your freedom. I am a bridge crossing Vet who chooses to come to Brigantine every chance I get and hope not to see any of the very few who share your snobbish selfish beliefs .
      Thank you Brigantine for honoring our veterans with free access to the beaches. I do not smoke dope,barbecue or litter the beaches I was so graciously granted access to . Most veterans have that discipline. .

    1. The police are out there multiple times a day patrolling and it is illegal to charge non-residents a higher fee.

      1. I’m a year round resident of Brigantine, just wanted to put that out there.
        1st. The town can charge whatever they want to whoever they want. That is set by city ordinance. I do think that year round residents should receive a discount, we do pay taxes.
        2nd. Vets should be free.
        3rd. You take whatever you came with (trash) that is common sense and the respectful thing to do. But as we all know there are people who have no common sense or respect.

  2. Glad to say goodbye

    We have had a 2nd home in Brigantine since 1968 – two generations – and just sold because of the mess described here. It’s been going on for at least 10 years, and getting worse every year. Nobody cares about the island or the residents except that they pay ever-increasing taxes for nonexistent services. Now that Atlantic City is in the dumpster more than before, expect more abuse from everyone, including the mayor, governor, and every other stakeholder. Good luck and condolences.

  3. For years I’ve heard how it’s “illegal” to charge non-homeowners or non-Atlantic County residents a higher fee for a 4 wheel drive permit.

    Can someone explain WHY it’s “illegal” to charge higher rates to individuals who do not contribute to the real estate tax base? Why can County Colleges charge higher rates to students who don’t line in the County where the College is located?

    The non-residents are the ones setting up every weekend from 7 am to 7 pm….

  4. They should expand the 4×4 area further north from the jetty. That would allow more room for fishing, surfing and sunbathers.

  5. I’m glad to be reading this. This is a travesty to our island and someone must be on the take to allow this to happen. Permits should be for Brigantine residents only, and whoever came up with it being illegal to charge non-residents more, is just one of those out of towners taking up space at the cove. A simple vote by city counsel can change that. This summer is going to be a mess and unfortunately, residents will suffer when law makers are to blame.

  6. Carl Sonny Pohl

    This foot drives 2 1/2 hours to Brig. First stop OB then the Rip Tide for bait and some breakfast bagels hit the beach then Andres take out for lunch on the beach, then back later for meal before I head back home. I would rather spend a couple of days on the Island but you cant get a room on short notice. I get the cold shoulder with my Maryland tag but I grew up in the Circle Tavern and would rather start with the Bloody Mary breakfast at the rod (sad). The city can control the truck traffic at the cove if it stops grooming the entrance so the AWD A$$ wipes get stuck and permits pulled. I like the Vets getting something for free but tweak the pass Monday thru Friday unless your a resident. And send the Steelers fans to the northend FREE in July and August.

  7. Just a few thoughts of my own:
    Limit the amount of passes offered, it’s getting way to crowded.
    Offer passes to taxpayers first (Jan-Mar) and any leftover places can then be purchased by shoobies.
    Continue offering a discount to seniors & veterans after the resident window.

    I would be willing to pay more for a pass if I knew I wouldn’t be parking three deep on a weekend.


  9. I love the south end beaches in Brigantine. However, even in winter the SUVs running up and down the beach are a problem. I thought there were rules about where you can drive on Brigantine’s beaches. Apparently not. In the summertime, far southend beaches and the cove area become parking lots. It doesn’t make sense to me. It totally takes away from the beach experience. The whole policy of allowing vehicles on beaches should be re-examined. I used to think it was cool that the city allowed SUVs on the beach but then quickly realized that it was just turning the beaches into roads and parking lots. And the litter that is left behind at these parking lot beaches is nasty. For fishing licences in limited areas, fine. I’m not sure about the rest at this point.

  10. The of the problem is that there are just too many permits being issued compounded by limited enforcement of rules. Both should be corrected by city officials.

  11. Glad to be outta there

    Lots of talk about whether it’s illegal to charge more for a beach pass to someone. Not true! This myth may be related to the law assuring free access to THE OCEAN to everyone, not free access to the beach, which has to be cleaned and otherwise maintained by the city, aka taxpayers, 1st and 2nd homeowners, etc. So wake up and realize that you are subsidizing the very people who are fouling your environment and making it impossible for you to enjoy the beaches you have paid for and continue to support. Change to pricing strategy, limit the freeloaders, police the cove and the jetty, and above all, reform the Brigantine good old boy political system.

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