NBC-TV 40 in Atlantic City Sold, Readied for Spectrum Auction.

Brigantine NBC 40 tvNBC TV-40 going off the air? (from: SaveNBC40.com) NBC 40 owner, Access.1 Communications, has signed a deal to sell the station to LocusPoint Networks, and they have applied to the FCC for approval of the sale. LocusPoint Networks (LPN) is a spectrum speculator. They are not a broadcaster. They want NBC 40’s TV channel for an FCC auction where it could be sold to the highest bidder, who would in turn use the channel’s allotted frequency space for expansion of various wireless services: cell phones and other wireless devices.

No exact date for the auction has been set, but it’s expected to happen within the next 12 months (by mid-2014). And if and when that happens, NBC 40 goes DARK, with 60-plus jobs lost, and South Jersey loses its life-saving outlet.


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1 thought on “NBC-TV 40 in Atlantic City Sold, Readied for Spectrum Auction.”

  1. The airways belong to the people. Start writing now to the FCC in Washington. We need NBC40 for weather and important news announcements. We are not Philly, we are South Jersey. a letter champagne will work.

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