New Brigantine Triangle Says Bye to Jack’s Pharmacy Moniker?

The 31st Street traffic triangle project is 99% complete. The convergence of roads at 31st street was at one time in front of a drug store named Jack’s. Long time residents know it as “Jack’s Pharmacy triangle. It’s been more than 15 years since Jack’s Pharmacy was in operation. With the fast growth of new residents & visitors unfamiliar with Jack’s, maybe we rename this area to ‘The Brigantine Garden Triangle’?  It’s certainly a more intuitive name for the majority of Brigantine.

Maybe time to stop calling it “Jacks Pharmacy Triangle” since ¾ of Brigantine has no idea what that means?

Hear howls coming from the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce? A few, cranky Chamber officials would like to keep our island stuck in the 70’s. That’s OK though, we understand. Change is never easy. And since we hate committees, we’ll just barrel forward without their blessing.

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The Brigantine Garden Club will now work their magic to the triangle, by adding new plantings.

Like the astro-turf? Thank Atlantic County for that addition. According to local reports in the Brigantine Times, the county not only did roadwork, but they also had decision making power about installation of the astro-turf, aka: the fake grass. Brigantine Public Works built the dolphin themed fountain/planter.

Tom ‘terrific’ Morgan from the Brigantine Times noted: ‘who really cares if the grass is fake or not? Reach out to Tom and let him know your thoughts, or post a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “New Brigantine Triangle Says Bye to Jack’s Pharmacy Moniker?”

  1. Garden Club Supporter

    I hope the Garden Club is able to add the “right scale” to the project. As a successful garden designer, the dolphins are not the right size for the area… One Large dolphin is needed or something large, perhaps… In any event, it looks fine…just not great. I always try to go for great. I’m thinking the Garden Club will be able to work their magic (even if they were snubbed on the actual plan).

  2. I just want to say Jacks pharmacy triangle is for all the people who have lived 99% of thier life here in brigantine. Why must we erase all memories of what was and when times were good

  3. I, too, have good memories of jack’s pharmacy. I patronized it lots of times during the summers of 1957-1966, when my family had had a summer home there. I also remember Island diner and the light house. I’m desperately trying to obtain a vintage green plastic bottle of Sea and Ski suntan cream from the late 50s. Perhaps the employees at Jack’s would have some good advice for me IF that pharmacy still existed. I knew nothing about its demise until today! Oh well, that pharmacy was nice to patronize while it existed,

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