New Cove Rules for Summer 2020. Brigantine Will Check Your Cooler for Booze.

The Cove

Get ready for some stricter rules for Brigantine Beaches. Especially the Cove and Jetty areas.

It’s gonna get tougher to bring alcohol onto the beach. Bet on that one. Enforcement will be key.

Brigantine City Council is doing a comprehensive rewrite of Chapter 105 of Brigantine City code. Updated rules for all of our beaches.

Core problem at The Cove….is alcohol & bad behavior.

Brigantine Councilman DeLucry

Potential Beach Rules for Summer 2020 at Cove:

  • Limit size of coolers that can be brought on beach.
  • A right to inspect coolers or other packages.
  • Forming of 4×4 lines to get on beach will be prohibited.
  • Smoking on beaches. What about medical marijuana? Vaping pens?
  • Strict open & closing times for THE COVE.
  • New measures to avoid dangerous overcrowding.
  • Separating bathers from fishing, jet skis and boats.

Municipal Beaches and Recreational Areas Rules and Regulations. It shall be unlawful to violate any of the following rules and regulations, or those subsequently adopted by resolutions, within the Brigantine Municipal Beaches and Recreational Areas:

THE COVE in Brigantine

Motorboats and Personal Watercraft in Brigantine Cove Recreation Area.

PROHIBITED: Launching, landing, mooring and grounding of motorboats and personal watercraft is prohibited within the Cove Recreation Area, unless authorized by the City Manager.

No operation any personal watercraft, motorboat, catamaran or sailboat, within 100 feet of the shoreline and within 100 ft of any person in the water.


Brigantine Beach Cooler Inspections

PROHIBITED: bringing coolers larger than 24 inches in width, or length, or height and/or has a capacity greater than thirty-six (36) quarts.

Representative of Brigantine municipality will be allowed to inspect contents of such containers to ensure general health, safety and welfare of individuals accessing and enjoying the Municipal Beaches and Recreational Areas of Brigantine.

Brigantine Beach Booze Questions Still Not Answered:

Will drinking alcohol on the beach be prohibited during Polar Bear Plunge? Will the Brigantine Business Chamber still throw Eagles football parties where alcohol is openly consumed on the beach?

Will new Brigantine Beach rules impress State of NJ and DEP? Former Mayor Phil Guenther often fought with NJ DEP. Guenther recently lost north-end of Brigantine Beach to State of NJ. Can Mayor Simpson save THE COVE?

No canopies shall be placed on the side of the vehicles nor shall they be placed in such a manner as to reserve a space or spot on the beach for another permitted vehicle.

No smoking. A lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe, including any handheld electronic device which vaporizes a liquid or any other substance which contains tobacco.

READ Proposed Amendments to Brigantine Beach Ordinance:

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45 thoughts on “New Cove Rules for Summer 2020. Brigantine Will Check Your Cooler for Booze.”

  1. Although it’s a step in the right direction, it’ll do very little to stop or curb the drinking and escalating violence at The Cove.

    Instead of people driving on with liquor, they’ll have fiends load up their boats and ride over to The Cove.

    The best deterrent would have been police presence at the cove. Build a gazebo or a little sub-station. The summer police officers could man the station. That would be a proactive response to the escalating issues on that beach.

    I’ve lived on the south poop and if y’all in my entire life, I’ll just continue to pick up trash on the streets and break up brawling morons on Fourth of July weekend.

    1. the city makes a fortune in revenue selling unlimited passes. How can they fault those who paid for a pass, for waiting in line to gain access to the beach they paid to enter. Not to mention the truck pass does not include the passengers in the truck. That’s extra. As if the trucks are going to drive themselves on. Elon… a little help here?

      1. I’m very excited about the cove. Being a veteran who needs relaxation and no violence around me I welcome stiffer rules and no smoking or drinking. Being civil is to be humane but being uncivil is criminal in its nature and destroys civilization.

  2. I can see that structure and control is needed, but c’mon. On regular beaches, residents work very hard all week & need to relax and wind down on the weekend.

    If a family on the beach is causing zero issues on the beach, I’m sorry, but their coolers & personal containers should be allowed privacy. Plus, we pay to be there with our beach tags. Why do I need to suffer? I have no problems when I see police or beach patrol riding the beach and friendly monitoring the beach.

    You will drive beachgoers away, driving money from beach tags away, driving less collection in real estate taxes. Stop being negative Nellys and Kathy Kerplunkers. Strengthen monitor controls with hefty fines to the violators. Leave the larger majority of same, relaxing, take pride in their surroundings residents and visitors.

    EASE UP! YOU ARE A VACATION TOWN! Spend more time deciding where you can put a new miniature golf, amusement area, shops, show and event venue, water park, and the like, to draw in way more money to your town instead of having us go to other towns to spend our money.

    1. The people of NJ do pay taxes don’t they , it’s the younger crowd’s that need to be watched lived in NJ all my life pay taxes for the beaches still pissed we have to pay beach badges

  3. This is so ridiculous! Searching coolers and containers? Is this TSA? You think they do this in the Virgin Islands or in Puerto Rico? Hell no!

    The locals would laugh at this mess! We pay ENOUGH to get on the damn beach in the first place. The police constantly being around isn’t enough?? Can New Jersey get any more POLICED?

    Makes me want to move even more!

    1. It’s easy to complain when you don’t live there and trash is everywhere, and loud noises, fights and total chaos. I’m happy that they are making strict rules. I live in brigantine and want to to remain clean.

        1. Wrong, Butcher. Just because you clearly want to get sloshed and curse and take a dump in public on your portable outhouse, show a little class and have respect for your fellow beach goers who do not want to go to the beach to see people puking, peeing, fighting, cursing, smashing cans against their head because ‘im a tough guy’. I hope they double the fees for all non-residents, and I hope they have a strong police presence at every entrance and walking through the beach to insure no jokers cause any issues that will ruin the cove even moreso. Just drive over the bridge to Brig and look at the cove on a summer weekend…its a cesspool of drunken idiots. Sober up and go to the beach for, wait for it…THE BEACH, not so you can black out with your buddies and act like an irresponsible jackass.

    2. In state parks they do check coolers when you go to the beaches both ocean and lake enforcement of carry in carry out rules are reasonable

  4. People who “own” homes, condos, townhomes in Brigantine have Brigantine pride and are not the ones littering or causing any problems. Double the cost for 4×4 permits for those who don’t own a property in Brigantine and problem solved. Doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

  5. Looks like Brigantine just lost a lot of income from beach permits. Sounds like your town is a dictatorship like 1939 Germany.

  6. Brigantine should focus on dredging the channel that is completely messed up and destroyed many boats this past summer

    1. My 11 year old daughter saw a drunk moron push his girlfriends face into his crotch. There’s a difference between letting loose on the weekend, and being a drunk moron. These are the people causing the new rules. Not Brigantine. If people were more considerate of the people around them, these rules would not exist

      1. You’re quick to blame the out-of-towners. Some of the drunken idiots I’ve seen, walk back to their homes near the beach. I’ve been going there for 20 years. Price keeps going up and up nothing changes. If you double it, I’ll go spend my money elsewhere. I’m sure others will to. No one’s going to let you search their coolers. It’s an invasion of privacy

        1. It’s not about out-of-towners or locals. It’s about people getting out of control. Nobody wants them around. I’d rather pay more for my permit, and have Brig sell less of them.
          Dealing with drunks at the beach. Especially when they leave their trash. If people would be responsible, they would have to look in coolers. But because some people out of town or local can’t control their actions, we all have to be baby sat. Hey alcoholics, stay home or go to a bar.

  7. I’ve been surfing the jetty for years. It seems like there are more and more drunk idiots swimming out there. Then, when they get hit by a board, they want to fight.
    They jetty is a surf beach with ‘no swimming’ signs. These are the people making the new rules. If it’s so important for you to day drink around kids, you need to rethink your life.

  8. Don’t have to worry about losing the drunken moron. Look at Ocean City. There’s no alcohol there. They are doing just fine. Just trading stupid obnoxious drunks, for families.

  9. Brigantine really doesn’t need the income from outside troublemakers to pay the bills. Our taxes easily pay the bills… in fact there is a substantial surplus.

    The drunken activity and overcrowding can be limited by allowing a lower number of beach passes, with taxpayers given first dibs. Raise the cost to those that are not taxpayers.

    Our Island has a reputation for being a great family venue. Keep it that way.
    Those that want to carry-on can go to Wildwood- they just started vehicles on the beach. Have your brawling fun there.

    The fact that watercraft can no longer be beached should anger those families that follow rules.
    Go drink at the bar…

    1. So true!! Start caring about being a business friendly town. As of now it’s sad how no business are being encouraged to come to town. Harbor Beach Blvd. Shopping Center is so sad that it isn’t Bringing in needed businesses. This should be a priority.
      Thank you

    1. Give me a break . No food or eating on the Seawall ? The sea wall is a public park type area with public benches , etc . New ordinance says one cannot eat a sandwich or any other food up there ? WHAT ? Since when in any public park bench in America are citizens not allowed to eat anything on a public park bench ? Like Central Park in NY ? – citizens not allowed to eat anything in a public park area bench ? Nazi stupid law – un American BS . Rediculous! Free country ? Give me a break !

  10. There are way too many 4/4 permits sold. People who want to party at the cove should pay extra, above and beyond the cost of the regular beach permit. Extra could go towards clean-up and monitoring. Should cut back on permit sales, residents first for permits. Used to be a fishermans’ and nature lovers’ paradise. Let the barroom brawlers go back to the bars! Let responsible people enjoy the cove, as it used to be…

  11. This is a joke. There’s nothing wrong with a group of people sitting on the beach having a good time, drinking a little bit of alcohol responsibly with a sober driver.

    You saw the police all summer walk up to their friends with bottles of fireball sitting on the truck beds, yet no enforcement. The job of the police is to enforce rules.

    I could go off for hours about how you’ve ruined this beach. God forbid adults bring a few alcoholic beverages, and then are forced to throw them away.

    When you lose over a half million in revenue, you’ll cry when your taxes go up. Good luck, Snowflake America.

  12. Do you know how much money this brought to the island? Between restaurants, bars, beach passes, breakfast, gas station, rentals, etc. More traffic yields more profits.

    When more restaurants close down and your property taxes rise, you’ll gladly sit on your empty family beach, as your police officers pull in $100K a year to continue tanning.

  13. At the drive on entrances, cooler searches will be so easy to get around. All someone has to do is remove the booze from the cooler a few minutes before entering and hide it. Then, leave a few sodas in the cooler and pass the entrance search. Once inside, booze goes back in the cooler. Or, have 2 coolers, one for show with soda, one with booze buried under a pile of stuff. How simple is that. And.. I don’t even drink!

  14. This is completely asinine. 4×4 permits bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to the town (if not into the seven figure range), and more than supports having a full time officer roving around on a quad during the summer season. I drove on to the beach at least once if not twice every weekend and never saw a single fight (not that they don’t occur) and rarely see trash left in the cove at the end of the day.

    This is a solution searching for a problem, and a solution that will keep me, my truck, my permit fees, and several thousand dollars of spending each year out of Brigantine. Sorry bait shop, fuel station, Wawa, restaurants, etc. I’ll just come down by boat and spend all my money locally before arriving in Brigantine.

  15. Nice gesture in that photo, BTW. Just the kind of people you want to have around your neighborhood if you are a lowlife.

  16. What I would like to know is how does the size of the cooler matter? I fish and carry a 40 qt. cooler for the fish and I fish on the nite shift to stay away from crowds. So the question comes “What about the fisherman that support the local business and fish at nite?

  17. Several hundred dollars on top of the cost of a 4X4 and I can’t smoke a cigar and have a beer on an open beach? This is ludicrous. In my experience, people mind their own business. Some party, some have a bunch of kids. BOTH MAKE NOISE.

    Mind your own business and enjoy. Get some perspective and see what the beaches are like in AC where the beachgoers don’t have the pride of vehicular ownership. All those cops isn’t helping AC, is it?

    1. “Beachgoers don’t have the pride of vehicular ownership”? What do you even mean by that? It sounds like you think everyone who uses AC beaches have no cars? Or did you mean something else?

  18. I have been coming to Brigantine for 18 years. I have 4 very young grandchildren who
    love going to The Cove. The adults love the convenience of having the car behind you
    for all of their needs. We sell too many passes and why should Veterans get to come for
    free? I think they could get a discount, but FREE is causing part of the problems we are
    now having. Some of us have a hard time finding a space on the weekends because the
    free passes and their filled cars, come when the sun starts shining. I like the ideas of some
    postings that suggest a police presence. There should be a place we could walk to voice
    our complaints. This is a “family” resort and drunk/obnoxious behavior needs to stop.
    We all like to have a drink on a hot summer day but some people don’t know when to stop.
    If we had a police tent/area on the beach this could alleviate most of the binge drinking
    before it becomes out of control. We could report the violators and they could be removed immediately.
    A police presence could help & please stop giving away passes.

    1. Everyone who is reading this comments thought

      Leave the Veterans alone. They have done more for this country than you. Dont be a snitch

    2. So, the veterans are causing the problem? How ridiculous. I’m fine with their free passes, and would even pay slightly more if needed to continue to subsidize them.

  19. Glad to be outta there

    With all the problems we face now (I’m looking at you, donald), why would all these douche bag letters be deserving of exposure? Hey, it’s not complicated: Brigantine is a family-friendly town and many of its residents (I was one; thankfully, after many years not any longer) want to avoid, as much as possible, drunken a-holes puking, shitting, cursing or otherwise fouling the world they and their children inhabit. Hey, when you sober up, you may realize that — OMG — you inhabit this world too. Got kids? Got parents? Whatever. So get real and “make brigantine great again” (choke…I despise that slogan, even when corrupted…as its author is). Try to focus on what can redeem us. Go to a bar to drink to your satisfaction if you want to — no judgement here. Just stay off the roads (when SF-ed) and stay away from the beaches we all like. Thank you.

    1. no offense, but what does ‘donald’ have to do with anything regarding the cove at brigantine beach *chuckles*. stay on point and logical…the crybabies who blame trump for everything need to take a step outside and look around. the cove issues dont stem from the president…they stem from individual reckless groups who think getting bombed and starting fights makes them cool. (these are the same kids who used to beat up the kids who wore two straps on their bookbags instead of hanging off one shoulder…probably the same ones who thought wearing pants sagging below their behinds was hip too.) and the slogan is beautiful…MAKE AMERICA AND BRIGANTINE GREAT AGAIN. once again, this is the hateful rhetoric of the left, who if god forbid you disagree with, you are considered closed-minded and ignorant…shouldn’t it work both ways? you don’t have to agree, but respect another person’s opinion and views. THAT is what democracy is about.
      Now, back to the point…you are spot on, if you drink in public, be discreet and be classy. starting fights makes one look like a neanderthal and very immature. have a drink, laugh, have a good time, and don’t step on anyone elses toes while you do it and everyone will be happy. simple process isnt it?

  20. I sincerely want to express that without “probable cause”, representatives of the municipality should not be inspecting the contents of coolers. If that occurs the entire city council may be named as defendants in a highly publicized civil suit.

    The answer to the problem is to staff your police, and patrol the beaches with their continued professionalism for immediate calls > along with continued proactive “community beach policing”. I see many problems where there are just not enough beach patrol units readily available during weekends and holidays. Council needs to fund it with the fee’s collected entirely. We love our police, thank you for what you do daily!

  21. Hey Pete don’t play lawyer, as part of a two party agreement that is what your permit is, the city can put certain rules into effect ie checking coolers. Just like when you go into Disney world they check your bag, don’t want a bag check don’t buy a Disney ticket , two party agreement. If something like that went to court it would be summarily dismissed by a judge and the person who filed the suit would be responsible for any attorney bill incurred by the city.
    Just saying

  22. Ann P jenkins-higdon

    I think I have a solution to your BRIGANTINE-BRIGANTINE BEACH problem. Give the south end one name since they are the new social group, then let the 45th north what it was. I’m a 76yr. old woman who was on 34th St. 1946-1964. The problems at the cove basically were created by direct vehicular access. When the inlet area was only accessible by boat or feet, social relation problems were kept to the minimum. Dry Land Motorized Vehicles have an entire island so please give the COVE back to people who actually walk the beach (now they can not do it because there are too many Bumpers in the way). PLEASE

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