New Leadership at Brigantine Historical Museum

Brigantine Historical Society
Brigantine’s Rich History

We’re happy to report that the Brigantine Historical Society & Museum has a vibrant, new president who plans to share Brigantine’s rich past with the world. After running this low-key historical organization for 10 years, Andy Solari has stepped aside into a board position, and has been replaced by Mary Simpson. Mary is now in charge of leveraging this hidden jewel at 3607 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd. 

Like many on Brigantine Island, I drove past this building for years before finally stopping in. WOW. With no Brigantine Historical Museum website to visit, I was totally unaware of the amazing treasures contained within this bay-side structure next to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

During 2013, a Superstorm Sandy exhibit at the museum garnered interest by visitors fascinated by the effects of this force of nature. The Historical Society is also known to host speakers programs about the history of Brigantine, one featured stories from local resident; Bob Lund. Interested in becoming a member of the Historical Society? Maybe volunteer? Contact

Other Brigantine Historical Society events:

  • Annual Flea Market – Aug. 16 & 17 –  26th street sports field.
  • Brigantine Beach Cultural Arts Commission Summer Fine Arts Show – June 22 to July 13.
  • The Friends of the Museum Juried Art Show – July 17 to Aug. 6.

Interested in becoming a member of the Historical Society? Maybe volunteer? Contact

Museum Hours:

  • May 17 –  June 22  11a. – 2p.  Weekends only
  • June 23 – Sept. 6    Open Daily 11a.-2p.

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2 thoughts on “New Leadership at Brigantine Historical Museum”

  1. In the past ten years, we had over 20,000 people visit. We have a very healthy bank account and over 70 very hardworking, dedicated volunteers. We advertise our events on (local cable) Channel 2, and have been featured in both local newspapers and the Press of Atlantic City.

    The only factor preventing more visitors is not that we don’t have a web site, it’s because we lack parking. We share 10 parking spaces with the Marine Mammal Standing Center next door. Visits to the museum have been limited due to this lack of parking. All the publicity in the world will not bring in visitors if they can’t park their car.

    Andy Solari, Past President; Brigantine Historical Society and Museum.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the feedback. Personally, I never had trouble parking right in front of the museum. If parking was tight, I would just park across the street.

      The only reason we discussed a website, was because 99% of business & organizations have one today. For some reason, the Brigantine Museum & Historical Society does not. That’s like NOT being in the phone book. Not sure if the museum is against having a website. ( I have tried to volunteer and build one….. on many occasions )

      We love the museum. We love the background of Brigantine. Why keep all that rich history cooped up inside that building? It’s easy to put samples of it online for all to see. The Museum would attract more visitors that way. Many would even donate via credit card if they could do it online.

      That awesome film; ‘Storm of 62’ by Lou Barone (one only view-able inside the Museum) could provide another financial and awareness boost to the Museum. Maybe turn it into a DVD for purchase….or it put it online with a sponsor attached. We offered to do that about 2 years ago. Unfortunately, our offer was declined. (Someone sent a copy to put online recently! SEE BELOW)

      Another benefit of having a website, is that you’ll get contributions (pics, stories, video, contacts, etc) from those who have something to add to the museum collection…..but they’re probably too far away from Brigantine to assist.

      Andy, thanks for following BrigantineNOW !

      Brigantine Storm of 1962. Full Video. from Mel Taylor Media on Vimeo.

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