NJ Beach Buggy Association Saving Dunes & Wildlife

BrigantineNow sends out a special thanks to The New Jersey Beach Buggy Association and associated surf-fishing clubs. SEE PICS BELOW. Under the supervision of the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, they recently finished a project that provides protection for endangered and migratory shore birds.

A string line fence was constructed along the Brigantine dune line that secures a buffer, and protects our wildlife. The fence also provides access to both sportsmen and the general public…to the shore line. For more info and pics, click here… NJ Beach Buggy Assn.

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The New Jersey Beach Buggy Association is a statewide organization dedicated to the preservation of natural beach resources. Since 1954 the NJBBA has fought to preserve beach access for all beach users. The NJBBA not only builds protective fences and plants dune grasses to protect beaches, but we get involved with community leaders and other worthy organizations to keep beaches open for all types of uses…..from birding to fishing and horseback riding or just for folks who like to walk the beach.

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