NJ Betting 5 Million in Bid to Lure Airlines to Atlantic City.

The NJ Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is ready to place a hefty bet. 5 million dollars says they can get more airlines to fly into Atlantic City. After some lean years, AC needs to replace those slot-crazed day-trippers who are spending more time in their own back yards: Philly, Bethlehem, Chester and Bensalem and other gaming destinations.

Most in Brigantine were pleased to hear that our neighbors at the AC Tourism District are ready to offer $5 million in airline subsidies. This in just one piece of a renewed strategy to bring in more business travelers and short term visitors to the Atlantic City region. In good times or bad, Brigantine’s economy is heavily influenced by our shiny neighbor across the bridge.

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2 thoughts on “NJ Betting 5 Million in Bid to Lure Airlines to Atlantic City.”

  1. I have always been satisfied with Spirit Airlines.We could use more carriers to Florida and Las Vegas. I was pleased to hear of the flights to Chicago and Houston.
    The Atlantic City Airport should be used more widely for flights around the country and to foreign destinations. It is a very convenient alternative to Philadelphia and Newark.

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