NJ Says Mad Dog Has Not Filed for Liquor Sales at Brigantine Links Golf. License at Risk?

mad dog morgan liquor sales scandal

BREAKING NEWS in PRESS OF AC > Our summary of the Press report: Morgan’s Pub and Grill operating at Brigantine Links golf course for nearly three weeks with no contract….and no liquor OK from NJ state?

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At the recent council meeting, Rick Delucry asked for copy of draft agreement. City solicitor Fred Scerni has yet to provide copy to Delucry as of Monday.

Question: Why is Scerni brokering deal between 2nd & 3rd party? Why are Brigantine taxpayers paying Scerni to assist in this deal?

Jim Fraser, owner of the Mays Landing Country Clubs says: Concessionaires liquor licenses were never meant for golf courses. But smart lawyers figured out a loophole so now locally McCulloughs Emerald Links and Brigantine Links both have one. You can’t blame the private business people for taking advantage but it’s obvious Brigantine has handled this very badly. If a taxpayer wanted to file a protest with the ABC, Mr. Morgan could be held up for a very long time. If he is in fact getting any income from liquor sales, which Meadowbrook says he is not, the city could be fined and or possibly lose the right to the license. At the end of the day, these licenses are a way for government to unfairly compete with private businesses.

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The NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control spokesman Zach Hosseini said the application for Liquor permit to be transferred to Morgan had also not yet been submitted to the state.

Some interesting things to note:

  • Some wonder if there’s an actual document or set of un-signed contract terms. Only Scerni says there is. No one has seen it though.
  • Mike Morgan; owner of Mad Dog Morgans, and now ‘Morgans Pub n Grill’ at the Brigantine Golf Links, will have to undergo a significant background check before being allowed to use the city owned, concessionaire licence to sell booze. Some suggest that Morgan’s financial oversight of the Brigantine Rams Football League, The Snack Shack, and the ‘Water Weenie’, could be part of the background check.
  • In 2008, The City of Brigantine’s deal with Meadowbrook featured a revenue share of the NET profits. (Most believe it should have been GROSS profits)
  • From the little information shared to date, Brigantine Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson seem to be ok with Morgan paying flat fee of $1,000 per month to Brigantine.
  • Guenther & Simpson, along with City Manager Ed Stinson, ok’d payment of $6,000 per month to Meadowbrook Golf Management. Stinson has yet to share details on what the $6,000 per month…gets the City of Brigantine.
  • Brigantine taxpayers are footing the bill for new golf carts this year.
  • City of Brigantine could face serious consequences if the NJ State ABC deems that the City is mis-handling the concessionaire licence.
  • So far, only Councilman Rick Delucry has stepped up and questioned this series of transactions and dealings, most of which were unknown to council. Councilwoman Lisa McClay has been mainly silent, and has at times, echoed Mayor Guenther’s views on this volatile issue.

Permit applicants are subject to an extensive review, including a lengthy background check and a review of the applicant’s credentials. READ FULL STORY in Press of AC >

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