North End of Brigantine Beaches Under Strict Control of State

The State of New Jersey has officially taken over the Brigantine North End beaches. A public meeting will be held Feb. 27, 6p at the North School in Brigantine.

Substantial new rules and regulations are now being enforced in that area. Fishermen and those who enjoy the less crowded beaches north of the seawall are not happy.

Fee to use a 4X4 on the North End is $50 for NJ residents and $75 for nonresidents. The Brigantine North End 4X4 pass does not offer discounts for seniors, veterans, or disabled.

The state requires a state-issued Mobile Sport Fishing Permit for vehicular access to the north end. No more than 75 permits will be sold for the entire year.

The DEP will also prohibit Vehicle access to the north end beach from May 15 to Sept. 15 to protect the nesting sites of endangered shorebirds, particularly the piping plover.

Any permit for 4X4 access will be for fishing only.

YES: Walking, Jogging, Bird Watching. Sunbathing, Surf Fishing Vehicles with Permits, Research. Pets with a 6 foot leash, OK from September 16th to March 31st.

NO: Swimming, Alcohol Fires, Camping, Litter, Horse Back Riding, Drones, Para-gliding. Kite Flying, Dune Access, access behind fences, use of the Bayside Beach, launching or landing a Watercraft, Vehicles without Permits. Conduct and/or language which interferes with others use and enjoyment of the park is prohibited. No All Terrain Vehicles allowed.

Vehicles with a permit shall not use or transport unauthorized equipment or flotation devices such as rafts, boats, inflatable boats, surfboards or windsurfing sailboats

Operation of the Mobile Fishing permit vehicle is restricted to the permittee and spouse.

Brigantine cove 4x4 beach
Will Cove Become More Chaotic?

DEP 4X4 permit is good from January 1st until December 31st.

Persons not actively engaged in fishing shall leave the park.

Actively fishing includes:

  • Travel to and from a fishing location
  • Set up time
  • Use of vehicle for food, beverage, or sanitary facilities
  • Stowing fishing gear when finished

Get your Mobile Sports Fishing permit at the Bass River State Forrest Office. You must first get your vehicle inspected (by appointment) before a permit is issued.

All vehicles must carry the following:

  • fishing equipment
  • bait and tackle for each person over 12 years old
  • tire gauge
  • spare tire
  • workable jack with a 3/4 12 X 12 inch square plywood board
  • tow chain/snatch line
  • shovel, flashlight
  • auto first aid kit, trash bags
  • minimum 14 tank of gas
  • tide chart.

NJ government severely limiting public access to a Brigantine Beach open space.

The North Brigantine Natural Area is administered by Bass River State Forest, 762 Stage Road, Tuckcrton NJ 08087. For more info:

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9 thoughts on “North End of Brigantine Beaches Under Strict Control of State”

  1. I think this is going to do terrible damage to your economy !! Can you still WALK out on beach to fish only without permit ??

  2. So in order to just walk on North End you need NJ Permit $50 + Brigantine Permit $200. Total cost $250.00? So, so sad for Brigantine

  3. Yes this is political, but with a reason.

    The beaches in Brigantine are WAY over used by
    (mostly) non Brigantine homeowners.
    The state is just trying to protect the environment.
    I have noticed that since “Sandy” there has been much more
    off road use of the North end.

    Why not charge the day traveler more to keep the numbers down.

    Hundreds of 4X4s are wrecking the beach every weekend.
    Look at it when you go over the bridge.
    It has become too much.

    If you have a place on Brigantine, this does not mean you.

    Beach access should be free for Brigantine home owners and
    $750 for outsiders. With a cap on the number of permits issued.

    Brigantine should fix this before the state takes The Cove
    access away too.

  4. I hope everyone boycots the new permit here we go again we pay taxes so some one can get a state job because they have no real skills Tim k

  5. We are losing our freedom in this country. South beaches will now become so overcrowded they will get shut down too. I’m a Geologist and enjoy the natural wonders of the earth. I use a 4×4 responsibly but now am shut out like everyone else. What a joke.

  6. what a joke, you can’t swim? oh great no dogs or cars all summer, thanks NJ DEP! and they can come around and harass you if you’re not “actively fishing”. totally unacceptable police state BS.

    1. Have to disagree with you here bob. You couldn’t swim on the north end anyway because there were no lifeguards…
      To be honest, I think they should ban all vehicles from the beach…park a half block away and walk to the ocean like nature intended. Now everybody and their mother wants to drive everywhere…what happened to using your legs to get to the beach firstly, and also, there is more than enough beach even with the restriction of the north end that you can find ample swim space.

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