OOPS. Video of Brigantine City Council Meeting not Available

We assume that due to issues ‘beyond their control’, Brigantine City Council & the city manager would not comment on why Brigantine residents were unable to watch the Channel 2 Council broadcast this past Wednesday night.

This is why BrigantineNOW can’t show video clips as we typically do. We reached out to key members of council & the city manager. As of 11am today, they decided not to provide a reason for the so-called glitch. So, here’s some of what you missed…according to ace reporter; Mike Feeley of ‘The Beachcomber News’:

Brigantine City Manager Blumenthal is still negotiating contracts with Police, Public Works & blue-collar unions. Fire Department negotiations start soon. As you may know, the large number of Brigantine city employees making over $100,000 a year does not sit well with local taxpayers.

Brigantine could get hit with another tax hike due to increases in city employee health insurance ($375,000), pension costs ($193,000) and debt service payment increases ($386,000). The gloomy forecast for the Brigantine Golf Course is a loss coming in at $547,000.

Showing off what they’re best at….Brigantine City Council spent more of your money on Wednesday night. The “Magnificent 7” approved a “Special Emergency Appropriation for the Accrued Contractual Liability Payments” in the amount of $588,385 to cover anticipated payments to a number of city employees who have indicated that they may retire this year.

This Brigantine taxpayer expense will cover costs associated to unpaid sick time, vacations, etc. due at the time of retirement. ( sweet deal )

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1 thought on “OOPS. Video of Brigantine City Council Meeting not Available”

  1. I think you are confused . They are paying the obligations that the previous council failed to prepare for financially. The 20 year game of kick the bills down to the next generation has finally came due. Why not mention that Councilman Simpson & Mayor Gunther voted against the bill because they want to break IRS regs as the city has done in the past and payout over many years. When an employee leaves their job, the money is due . The IRS also would like their cut.

    Let’s call it the way it is…..

    Also ….Mr. Delucry again this year asked for help, any ideas from anybody . Not a peep out of another person in the room. If this was a business , they would have folded. Taxes up 60% in less then 7 years. Only way to reduce budget is concessions or layoffs. The dirty word ….layoffs?

    Let’s see where they go from here , but let’s at least be honest with the public.

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