Who Owns Most Property Along South Jersey Shore?

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Who Owns What?

Who owns the most South Jersey shore real estate? It’s those from Philadelphia and its suburbs, who own the majority of seashore property. That’s according to a recent report at Philly.com.

Philly Area Residents Dominate Jersey Shore Home-Ownership

Of course… this report fired up the comments section. Many went overboard and their rants were promptly deleted. This is one hot topic. And sure… the comments section was filled with plenty of shoobie slurs, still common in some shore towns. And no, it doesn’t matter if you pay $40,000 in RE taxes for your measly 1o weekends of shore residency.

Common objections from outsiders that own shore homes:

  • They pay majority of taxes, and use least amount of services
  • Kept in dark. Poor awareness of local news & info
  • Limited or no influence on how local officials spend tax revenue

Best run municipalities along the South Jersey shore? Longport  aand Ocean City top that list. Popular towns like these have embraced input from part-time residents, and have continued to right-size their towns. Outsourcing, privatizing, and shared services play a major role.

What towns could do better? Brigantine is one. Brigantine still has two schools with duplicated staffs….as full-time residency & school student numbers are on fast decline. Brigantine recently accused of over-taxing, as town surplus / general fund closes in on $6 million.

% of Jersey shore homes owned by ‘out-of-towners’

  • Sea Isle – 87%
  • Wildwood – 80%
  • Stone Harbor – 87%
  • Brigantine – 69%
  • Ventnor – 60%
  • Margate – 67%
  • Longport – 76%
  • Ocean City – 78%
  • Atlantic City – 51%
  • Avalon – 87%

PHILLY.COM  > Philadelphians and their suburban neighbors own a heck of a lot of the Jersey Shore (search all NJ property records here).  

The analysis of residential and vacant properties in 22 Shore municipalities across Atlantic, Cape May, and Ocean Counties from 2016 shows that a majority of the properties in all but one Shore town are owned by out-of-towners. Pennsylvanians predominate.  (Here are our top findings)


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  1. Mari Schaefer (mschaefer@phillynews.com) wrote an article for the Atlantic Press last week on this. Let’s keep it going. Maybe she’ll get a better picture of the corruption in Brigantine if we get information to her. Please write her.

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