Brigantine, New Jersey News

VIDEO: Brigantine SHORT-TERM Rental Danger

Brigantine, New Jersey News


  • Mario Zini on 2021 Brigantine City Employee Salaries: “Redistribution of wealth at its finest Taking money from non-resident, non-voting homeowners and redistributing it to Brig townies and “unemployable-in-the-real-world”,…Apr 5, 11:47
  • Candice Cocco on Brigantine Beach Horseback Riding: “Is there a riding still available on the beach?! I did see a trailer with horses head down to the…Mar 27, 15:45
  • Terral Smith on Pros and Cons of Beach Jetties: “Again,vIm no scientist but aren’t a lot of the beaches we’re trying to protect adjacent to man-made inlets that were…Mar 23, 16:36
  • Mike on Brigantine Battles Unruly Short-Term Rentals and Party Houses: ““Losing money” should lead to taking a tax loss which isn’t really losing money (assuming one actually files taxes and…Mar 11, 16:58

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